Dental technology is always evolving, and dentists are always on the lookout for better materials to make your mouth as healthy as it can be. If you find that you need dental implants, then your dentist might recommend getting zirconia implants.

Currently, most dental implants are made from metal. While these can be beneficial and are helpful when it comes to giving you a partial or full set of teeth, there are other advantages to getting implants made from zirconia, including those listed below.

Reduced Sensitivity

Allergic reactions or sensitivity to metal dental implants may not show up until years after you’ve had them placed in your mouth. If you react, you may notice swelling or itchiness around the implant sites. This swelling can be incredibly uncomfortable and may lead to needing to have those implants replaced.

If you get zirconia implants, these are hypoallergenic, which means there is a reduced chance of having a sensitivity or allergic reaction to them. Since there is a growing number of individuals who are sensitive to things in the environment or have been diagnosed with allergies, then this is an alternative option that ensures you get the implants you need without the unwanted side effects.

More Natural Looking

When it comes to placing implants in your mouth, the dentist has to screw an anchor directly into your jawbone. This anchor creates a strong base for the crown and allows the fake tooth to function just like a regular tooth. If they are using metal, then over time, if your gums recede, the post may become visible.

If you have implants made from zirconia, the posts are white. If your gums recede with age and expose the post, it’s possible that no one will notice because they will look like your natural teeth. Aesthetically, this can make zirconia a better choice than metal.

Resist Corrosion

When you think of wet metal, it probably makes you think of rust. While the metal that is put into your mouth will more than likely not rust, it could have other issues. When exposed to the chemicals in certain toothpaste or mouthwashes, this could lead to corrosion. To prevent this issue from happening, you should consider getting implants made from zirconia. Not only can they resist corrosion, but they also don’t conduct electricity or heat.

Strong and Durable

If you have to get zirconia implants, they are going to be strong and durable. If you enjoy eating steak, then your implants should be able to take on this task. These implants have been designed to withstand high forces, which means they should survive normal activities that are required of your teeth.

Overall Comfort

If you find that you have to get implants made from zirconia, you will find that the surgery and recovery time is faster than if you have to get metal implants. This faster recovery time means that you’ll be able to get back to your life and doing the things you enjoy sooner—and you’ll get to do it all with a smile on your face.

The advancement of dental technology has given the world implants made from zirconia that not only improve how you look and feel, but they are also tough and able to stand up to everyday use.