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The Russian brand Must Have Tobacco was born relatively recently, in the summer of 2017, and in such a short time, tobacco has become popular worldwide for its premium quality, a large variety of juicy flavors, and pleasant price. That’s what makes Must Have Tobacco highly demanded. Russian shisha tobacco Dubai is especially popular in Dubai and appreciated by hookah lovers.

Even though shisha cafes are enormously popular in the Emirates, pretty much locally produced hookah tobaccos are of medium quality. They have too low strength, they often have a “chemical” taste or insufficiently expressive aroma. In the case of the Russian brand Must Have, everything is much better. So, let’s talk about Must Have Tobacco.

Must have tobacco – best Russian tobacco

Surely, on the international market, Must Have is considered quite young – the company began to produce tobacco in 2017, at the famous Pogarskaya Cigarette Factory in Russia. The first time when people heard about this company was at the Johncalliano Fest in Moscow, the largest Russian hookah event. And that’s where the story of Must Have brand began. Their products immediately drew attention and got their first fans.

Must have produced tobacco based on burley tobacco leaf, from seven different varieties. This tobacco is dried and subjected to natural fermentation in the open air, which gives the product a special softness, lightness, and natural sweetness. Burley is the best tobacco blend for hookah, giving tobacco a special naturalness of taste.

Product advantages:

• Premium quality and naturalness, without the addition of liquid nicotine. It makes the product absolutely safe for you and your health.

• Wide range of excellent flavors and aromas that are almost indistinguishable from real pineapple, mulled wine, cherry cola, or raspberry. And 0% of chemical additions.

• Stylish and well-made designed packaging. Most hookah brands don’t care so much about how their product is packaged: the main thing is that the packaging is inexpensive and attracts customers with its bright label. The Must Have took care of customers and released the product in a super-convenient and stylish jar. The jar closes hermetically, preserving the aroma and freshness of the tobacco, and a special lid allows you to smell the product before you buy it. This is much more convenient than standard bags, which can be opened only after purchase, isn’t it?

• The tobacco is only available in an excise version, so customers don’t have to worry about the original quality of the product.

Long-term smoking with perfectly balanced strength, natural tobacco, and juicy flavors – that’s what smokers, beginners, or experienced, really love about Must Have Tobacco. And this love and high reputation are honestly deserved!

Russian Hookah in Dubai from hookah

Must Have flavors in hookah

The main thing about Must have shisha is the bright and juicy flavors. The line has about 30 different flavors, which will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced smokers.

The producer himself suggests starting with his tobaccos from the top flavors, such as like:

• Must have melonade — a classic mix with a bright summer flavor, combining ripe melon slices, watermelon juice, and a sweet aftertaste of barberry on the exhale.

• Must Have Feijoa — sweet and slightly tart, tropical flavor for fans of feijoa and Without excessive sweetness, a long smoke and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

• Pineapple Rings Must Have — this is one of the favorites among smokers in Dubai. Very pleasant pineapple flavor, natural, without the chemical flavor. The aroma of juicy pineapple slices in sugar syrup. Sweet, light, and heady, you will love it.

• Cookie Must Have —the pleasant, warm flavor of creamy chocolate chip cookies that everyone loved so much as a child. Cookie Must Have beautiful variant to smoke shisha.

• Cherry Cola Must Have —the classic flavor of Coca-Cola, with hints of ripe cherries. Very rich flavor and long enjoyment of aromatic smoke.

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Starbuzz tobacco

Starbuzz hookah tobacco is one of the leaders in the hookah industry of non-Arab origin. Starbaz tobacco is produced in the United States by a company that sells hookahs, charcoal, steam stones, e-cigarettes, and accessories, among others. Starbuzz Tobacco was founded in 2005. For a long time, the products were sold only in the American market, but over time they began to penetrate into other countries. It is less popular in the CIS countries due to its disloyal pricing policy – the cost of Starbaz hookah tobacco is quite high.

Starbuzz Tobacco is positioned as a premium segment product. Differs in quality raw materials, good aroma, and a mild taste. The assortment includes 3 lines: Exotic, Bold, and Vintage.

The best specialists not only from Russia but also from America, Europe, and Japan are working on the mixes. You will get that pleasure and relaxation, those flavors and aromas that you have dreamed of all your life. Just kidding. Must Have Tobacco.

Starbuzz packaging

Starbuzz Tobacco is packaged in PET bags, which are hermetically sealed and placed in metal round cans. Sophisticated packaging greatly simplifies the further storage of tobacco. After opening the bag it can be put in a jar and used as a container. Closed tightly with a lid Starbuzz tobacco will not lose flavor and will not dry out.

The tobacco’s composition and what it looks like – h3

Starbuzz is not positioned as a premium for a reason: it contains only the highest quality Virginia Gold, an excellent aroma, and honey. The blend is very clean – sticks and junk are hard to find. The tobacco is well saturated, it has a lot of syrup.

Features a distinct, pronounced, and dominant flavor. Nicotine is not much. Starbuzz is very smoky. Produces a full flavor almost instantly, but just as quickly loses it. Can not say that this is long-lasting tobacco. Smoking time is a maximum of 30-40 minutes.

Shisha price in Dubai

Another advantage of Russian Must Have tobacco is its low cost. Tobacco is available in many shisha shops in Dubai, but you can also buy shisha online in our shop.

By buying Shisha tobacco online you do not overpay and you get an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of flavors to choose the best one for yourself without leaving your home.