Excitement was born with a man. At the dawn of civilization, people tried to find a way out of this feeling. They were helped by hunting, wars, the struggle for survival. But these activities were not very interesting. In the end, humanity has invented gambling. The new “hobby thing” has appeared long ago; it developed, changed, and survived to this day.

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Gambling — Inception

So how has it all started? What were the first games? There is a short list to guide you a bit:

  • The oldest game is dice. Believe it or not, they played this game in Ancient Greece, Rome, China, and India. A cube with marked edges appeared in the 20th century BC. Even in the Book of All Books, there is a mention of this gambling pastime.
  • After four thousand years, the bones have changed little. They are still loved and popular. They came to Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. The inhabitants of the Far East were also fond of the game; they especially respected sic-bo and craps.
  • Another ancient entertainment is cards. Hundreds of different games have been invented with them. The first playing cards appeared in the 7th century in China. From here, they gradually migrated to Europe, on the way settled in Egypt, Persia, India.
  • Much later, in the 17th century, the first roulette wheel appeared. It is not known for certain who became the inventor of the game. Some sources mention the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. However, there is no real proof.

First Casinos

Scientists have found out that there were gambling houses in Ancient Rome, Greece, and China. A highly specialized casino was first opened in the 17th century in Venice on the territory of the Temple of St. Moses. It is rather a strange place for a casino, isn’t it? But it was chosen for a reason. The ministers could observe the morality of the parishioners who came to play during the Carnival.

This is how casinos began to gradually open in different European countries; in the next century, the passion for gambling reached North America. The traditional set of games offered by a casino at that time was:

  • Several types of roulette;
  • Bones;
  • Cards.

Technology has evolved rapidly, and gambling houses became more and more advanced. The first gaming machine appeared in San Francisco in 1887. It was the simplest mechanical slot, but it made a splash. In 1905, America gave the world a Liberty Bell. By the end of the 90s of the last century, electronic machines completely replaced old ones.

The Emergence and Development of Virtual Casinos

In order to expand the circle of users, the developers of slot machines have adapted programs for personal computers. At first, these were simple offline games with no bets. And only in 1994, the American company Microgaming released the first gaming platform for the network.

Popular games have gradually moved to the vastness of the World Wide Web: card games, roulette, the wheel of Fortune, thousands of slot slots. More recently, the best online casino has proposed a new direction – games with a live dealer. The bottom line is that the process is run by a real dealer. He deals cards, starts a wheel, roulette, ball. Modern slot machines have become even more advanced as well. They use complex scenarios, a high-quality soundtrack, three-dimensional graphics.

The Emergence of the Mobile Casino Versions

Twenty years have passed since the launch of the first virtual casino. New items began to appear – this is how mobile versions of popular games have started their journey. At first, they were also offline with low expansion and a primitive storyline. But gambling people really liked it. The software was gradually improved. In 2005, the first real money betting games were launched on the market.

Phones progressed by leaps and bounds. Software too. Today, mobile versions are not much different from casinos on desktop devices. Here, you will find interesting online slots for fun from the best manufacturers. The games have the same functionality and menu items as the full versions of gambling products.

In 2017, there were seven and a half billion gadgets registered in the world. And only 83% of them were connected to the Internet, 20% of the owners regularly played online games. According to forecasts, by 2025, the number of gadgets will grow to nine billion.


The history of casino development has passed thousands of years. At first, these were primitive games, but today, modern mobile casinos use the latest digital and telecommunication technologies to protect players’ money and personal data. Despite global external changes, both ancient and modern gamblers have loved the casino because of the excitement and adrenaline.