Economists have raised the issue and made it a point that since there were quite a lot of layoffs and furlough in the first 6 months of 2020, now we need to rethink everything. It the absolutely correct time to give a thought to the kind of business that you can start with or be a part of.

The more the number of articles and blogs you will come across the more the number of small ideas you will come across, but here we have gathered the best small business ideas for you.

Some Fun Business Ideas

If you are looking for business ideas which would be more fun to do that just a particular money earning strategy. Then you can look for these fun business ideas that we will suggest to you here.

Antique Dealers

This actually has no expenditure actually, you can start this business from your garage or your storeroom directly. You can start part-time with this business and once it gets a good kick then you can make it regular.

Art Gallery

If you have garage space or any open parking lot, then you can easily start with this business. But keep in mind that you choose artists who have some following so that you are able to sell the paintings and the products.

Boat Tours

This business would take some of your money, but it would be interesting as a job. You can simply lease a boat and go about your local areas with the tourists to show them the overall view of the places where your boat is permitted to move. You can take payment through easily.


Could there be anything better? Start your bakery at home. It is a low-cost business like you would not have to spend much and you can earn almost three times what you have spent in the baking. You can start baking cakes for your neighbors for their special events and ask for recommendations and orders and gradually it will increase.

Cookie Business

This is another interesting business which you can start in your local areas because kids love cookies. You can start selling your homemade cookies to the children of your area and then ask the mothers to buy then to gift to other children on their birthday.

Home Based Business Ideas

These are particularly the business that you can do just sitting back at home, neither do you have to step out to sell nor will you have to do any marketing. You can sit at home and earn yourself some glorious handsome salary.

Pet Creche

This is something very common and is most wanted among working families. If you are a pet lover then you can just open a creche at home and involve your friends who love to play with animals. This will help you get some pocket money on a daily basis. Pet creche is most looked by working couples who need to spend almost 10-12 hours outside the home but on the other hand, have some pets at home.

Dance Instructor

You can take up dance classes at home, ask students to register for your class, and set timings and hours for all the applicants. Then you can start your dance classes in a batch-wise manner.

Day Care Facility

This is another great business idea if you love children and you know you can deal with them. Working parents looking for dare care service for their kids and if you think you will be able to handle more than one child at a time then this is a great option to choose.


Choose a profession that you think you will be able to consult on. Then start taking charges for your consultation. You can take consultation fees on an hourly basis and then do at least 4-5 consultation in a day and you can get a good payment. But this can not go shallow, you need to do a detailed study to do this.