The laws regarding online sports and casino betting in America are changing with several states making the decision to lift the ban, allowing residents and visitors to place wagers. This can be done at land-based casinos and sportsbooks but also through betting websites and apps downloaded to smartphone devices.

It’s an exciting time to be a follower of sports and gambling but is California betting permitted? We explain all in this article which covers the frequently asked questions regarding betting in the region as well as any changes that may be on the way.

With the help of an online sports betting expert who boasts many years of experience working at the highest level of the industry, this page tackles the questions on everyone’s minds. Some are basic, designed to bring you up to speed on the betting in the Sunshine State, while others are a bit more detailed.

The aim of the page is to give you all the information you need on the current status of betting in California and to help protect you from unknowingly breaking the law by attempting to place wagers on sports that may be denied.

Are sports betting legal in California?

Sports betting in California is not legal at the time of writing. This state wasn’t one that rushed out to lift the ban and swing open the doors for the world’s top bookmakers to rush in. Instead, governors are taking a sensible approach.

They want to put it to a vote, weigh up their options, check the risks, factor in the positives, and then make an informed decision on whether allowing betting would be beneficial to its residents and laws. The vote on legalizing sports betting is expected to come soon.

Is fantasy sports legal?

Sports betting may not be legal in California yet but daily fantasy sports and horse racing websites are and you can enjoy those today. You’ll find a daily fantasy site that is legal in the region with a web search but be careful to go with the one you can trust. Do as much research into a website or betting app as you can before creating an account and playing. Get to know everything about the provider and their past.

There are many great and legal fantasy sports apps available, but the sad truth is there are still some rogue sites that are run by scammers, and they should be avoided at all costs. In most cases, it isn’t difficult to tell a genuine and legal site from a fraud account.

Why are the betting laws changing in America?

Since rule-makers in the White House shifted the responsibility to governors in each state, some regions including New Jersey acted quickly to remove the hurdles and permit sports betting. Others preferred to stick to what they know and keep the betting ban in force, perhaps waiting to see the effect it had on neighbors before committing.

The majority of states, including California and New York, will put it to a vote, relying on democracy to decide. Those plans were delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 and resulting lockdowns that lasted deep into 2021.

Can you bet with an overseas bookie online while in California?

No, this is illegal and should never be attempted. Gambling sites are banned for everyone inside California state lines. Trying to get around these laws by going through an overseas online bookie would land you in a lot of trouble. There are some nations where the locals bet using foreign bookies, and this is overlooked by authorities. That isn’t the case here.

Any reputable sportsbook betting app will block visitors located in California from creating an account or, if you are there as a visitor, from accessing an account set up elsewhere.

How do I know if betting is legal when traveling?

The easiest way to check if betting is permitted in your region is to enable geolocation services on your smartphone. Doing so will allow your device to automatically check the rules regarding online betting in your current location.

If betting is legal, you will be permitted to log in and bet without fuss, but if gambling is prohibited in a region, you will be met with a message advising you of this and explaining that you cannot access your account to make bets. This function is available on most modern handsets and with all major bookmakers.