Smartphones are getting smarter every day, and this advancement in technology has changed our lives. There are many things that we can do using our smartphones that we have not yet thought of. Like using a phone spy app that lets you spy target phone without physically accessing it. This technology is really useful for parents who want to track the activity of their kids. Our kids are spending too much time on their phones these days. This situation is frustrating for the parents. It is the best way for them to see who or what their kids are texting. Installing a spyware app on the kid’s phone will let them track their activities.

If a spouse suspects that their partner is cheating can also a spy app to catch their partner bare-handed, yeah, a spouse can physically access the phone of the partner, possibly. But it is not possible all the time. Moreover, an employee can use such an app to track their staff activity during the working hours.

Track Without Accessing the Target Phone

How can we access the phone without physical access? This question is coming to your mind. Well! It is possible to track a cell phone this if the target phone has android or IOS. All you just need is to install the app on the phone. You can learn more about the features of these phone monitoring apps. The process is very easy and will take your few minutes. One of the ways to track the phone is by sending a picture through email. Ask the target to open it, and the app will be installed on the phone right away. After that, you can start monitoring its activities.

If your target phone is an iPhone, then you do not need to install any app. You can easily track it if you have the Apple ID and password. There is software out there that can track iPhone from the iCloud.

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What You Can Track?

Well, you can track a number of activities of the phone such as

  • Call logs
  • Contacts
  • Deleted and Existing iMessage and Messages
  • Social Media
  • Real-time Location
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Installed Apps
  • Browsing History

Tracking An IOS

If you want to get access to an iOS cell phone, then follow these steps:

  • Create an account in the spy app using all of the details required.
  • After that get the Apple ID and password of the target phone
  • Log in to the app and put the Apple ID and password to start spying.

The best thing is you can do this without accessing it. All of the activity details on the phone will show on the control panel of the app.

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Spy an Android Phone

Well, there is also a possibility of tracking an android phone without installing an app. But one of the problems with android is the root-feature. If the target phone is not rooted, then you can also track it with the spy app. This app has many great features which include not rooting the target smartphone.