Everyone is talking about eyelash serums and lash lifts. They are both great ways to have more beautiful eyelashes; but do these two eyelash-enhancers, on the other hand, go well together? Here is all the scoop for you.

After applying a lash growth serum, these are the results you will see

Eyelash serum is used to condition and enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, whether you have lash extensions or not. It also moisturizes your lashes, giving them a fuller, stronger, and longer appearance, and who does not want something like that! You can see benefits in as little as 30 days if you use an eyelash growth serum regularly and as advised (typically once a day).

Are you wondering if you can use a serum after a lash lift? That is an excellent question! But first, let’s go through the benefits of eyelash serum.

Advantages of using eyelash serum

o It increases keratin production.

o It gives you a more natural look.

o It is less expensive than eyelash extensions done by a professional…

o It prevents lashes breakage and Loss.

o It prevents dry eyes.

o It is eyelash extension compatible.

o It is a time-saver.

What can a lash lift do for you?

An eyelash lift, similar to a lash “perm,” is a semi-permanent procedure that gently raises your lashes, giving them a brighter, renewed, and “awake” appearance. The lash lift is a simple procedure that curls your lashes from the base to the tip and helps you to view their entire length. As we know all lashes have a natural curve; in this procedure, a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution are used to change that shape. A qualified stylist will consult with you to select your ideal lash curl while also ensuring that it is compatible with your natural lashes.

The best part about a lash lift is that it can last up to eight weeks. You will need to visit your local salon for a refresher after that. This means you can say goodbye to lash curling tools and even mascara for the next two months because your lashes will seem longer and fuller every day.

The good news is even if you are pregnant, it is totally fine to get a lash lift. Simply visit a reputable salon with a competent stylist; even if you are not expecting a child, this is necessary! We always recommend consulting with your physician before undergoing any type of aesthetic procedure during pregnancy, as with everything else. Call or contact your doctor before scheduling your lash lift appointment. Also, let your lash stylist know if you have allergies or sensitivities before the application begins. They will be able to talk to you about other possibilities.

Advantages of using a lash lift

Goodbye, Curling Lash Tools. It is time to retire your lash curler if you have been using it for years. The benefits of a lash lift:

o Longer Lasting

o Different choices for custom curl

o Low Maintenance + Minimal Aftercare.

o A Look You will love

Is using a lash growth serum after a lash lift OK?

Now it is time to address the million-dollar question: Can a lash growth serum be used in conjunction with a lash lift? The answer is a resounding YES! When you have had your lashes lifted, you can apply a lash growth serum.

When used as indicated, the components in a good serum will not change the results of a lift. The only thing you need to know is that you should wait 24 hours after your service before using a pax 3 review lash serum. After that, you can apply it as advised to improve the appearance and strength of your natural lashes even more.