When college students are about to leave their respective faculties, prospects of the job market are high. Questions that linger in their minds are several? Where am I going to intern? What are the possible opportunities ahead? What specific interpersonal skill and industry-wide knowledge should I possess? Although there may be several opportunities awaiting on-boarding skills and internship programs are meant to cement the early steps of your professional journey.

This article is meant for prospective entrants into the labor market. It takes you through an ambitious ‘Aristocrat Future Leaders Program for 2021 and the priceless leadership skills that young grads and professionals stand to acquire through structured internship programs. It is meant to rightly position the recent graduates and early class of 2021 graduates to take up active roles on a rotational basis in the renowned Aristocrat Technologies Inc.

Casino Education Internship Opportunity

An internship program is an entry-level program for new graduates that help them to accustom to their respective professional settings. The main aim of such programs is to allow young professionals to hone their skills and develop into future industry leaders.

Leading casino operators and gambling companies have had these programs. Not only do they help tap in young talent but are essential in talent acquisition and retention. Among the few examples of casino-related internships include:

  • IGT Summer/Year-Round Internships. Offer interns an opportunity to further their academic skills to the real-world environment and challenges while receiving a competitive remuneration
  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) internships. MGA, a leading gambling regulator offers internships affording the program inductees an exciting opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge, a chance to work with experts and the eventual industry exposure.
  • Betsson Academy. Offer a wide range of internship opportunities across departments like marketing, finance, and game designing.

Overall, these opportunities are meant for fresh grads who are yet to interact with the realities of the job market. They are diverse to accommodate different cadres of young professionals. While their main aim is adapting graduates to the work environment, they also the best training grounds to sharpen one’s leadership skills as follows.

  • Confidence. A thriving and successful career is based on an individual’s confidence levels. You ought to have a commanding belief in your abilities and skills so that you are in a position to take unilateral and multilateral risks, handle challenges and position yourself for new chances whenever they arise. Internships help to build such confidence levels as they allow you to move out your comfort zone and try things available in the entry-level programs.

Margaret – Information Security Compliance Analyst “ An IGT internship program concentrates MBA specialists”

Nicole Chetcuti – Compliance Administration in MGA Internship Program

  • Communication. Polished leaders are gauged against their communication abilities. An internship program seeks to allay fears of your communication incapability. For instance, you are introduced to both vertical and horizontal communication skills like daily drafting of emails and leading roles in massive presentations, especially to your peer workers.

James Brincat – Compliance Auditor in MGA Internship Saying “The Environment is Really Nice”

  • Networking and Relationship Building. Internships provide a perfect ground to build on your networking skills. It is the right platform to build collaborative teams with peers and seniors. Organic relationships built at work stations, especially for young workers help to benefit from strategic connections that have a bearing on their perceptions towards the employer or the entire brand.

Senior Finance Manager, North American Gaming in Betsson Internship Program

  • Practical Problem Solving. As the initial step towards your career path, internships immerse grads into real work environments characterized by momentous instances of problem-solving. You learn how to transform isolated instances through corporate hands-on experience.

Jane Dodgson – Head of Talent Acquisition – Betsson Group Internship

  • Need to Seek Assistance Help and Assistance. Internship opportunities will likely help you to know that a leader is not a know-it-all creature. As such, internship programs are ideal opportunities for new team players to recognize that organizations have put in place structures to help them learn how to learn. The deep-seated fears of asking for direction on guidelines when stuck in a task or process are allayed during the entry-level tasks and activities.

It is, therefore, arguable that internships are advantageous insofar as setting the base for a successful career progression is concerned. One reservation that interns have generally voiced is that some companies pay interns a little lesser than regular workers.

Aristocrat Future Leaders Program 2021

PRNewswire announced the launch of Aristocrat Future Leaders (AFL) Program, a vigorous program for recent graduates. Among the stand-out features of AFL is an all-inclusive educational footpath laden with opportunities for USA students to learn a thing or two concerning the casino market and industry.

Offered on a rotational basis, AFL is a full-time professional engagement in which participants will work through the company’s departments such as marketing, finance, and operations to mention just a few. Each participant will at least be engaged for 8 months in their respective departments.

This program is mutually beneficial. Graduates will benefit from an immersive and educative experience. Aristocrat technologies will attract top talent further cementing its place at the forefront of gaming supplier competitors.

To apply for the AFL class of 2021, get in touch through Email; AFL@aristocrat.com. All questions regarding the application process and requirements will timely be answered.

Aristocrat Gaming

This is a subsidiary of a Sydney-based Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. It is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of online pokies and a range of casino software and games across the globe. The company owns top land-based slot machines in the Us, Europe, and Asia. In the 2000s Aristocrat entered the digital segment and earned attention with free online pokies Where’s the Gold, 5 Dragons, Indian Dreaming, and many others. They could be found on aristocrat-slots.com having the list of free online pokies Australia Aristocrat are instantly available via browser with no download and no registration. Alternately, users download official casino apps for Android and iOS. Aristocrat Gamingplans to further boost its digital presence in 2021.

Traded in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since 1996, this is a highly reputable company. It takes pride in a global workforce of more than 6,000 employees. It has operational licenses in at least 90 countries and 300+ gaming jurisdictions.

With heavy investments in technology, Aristocrat Gaming recognizes the effort of its workers. This thinBIGGER challenge is meant to motivate workers and come up with the best and competitive game designs. It is such initiatives that continue to propel Aristocrat into greater heights of excellence.

MGA Intern’s Program: Erick Dunford Graduate

Within commercial casino companies, real-life experiences continue to amplify the need for internship programs. Erick Dunford graduated with a Bsc Marketing from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2016. Through an online jobs portal, he saw an advert for the qsummer MGA interns’ program. Little did he know that this would be the much-needed springboard to his career?

Canterbury Church University Graduate applied on MGA Intern’s Program

Though MGA internships coincided with his innate passion to work for a tech-based company, he had never thought of working in a casino-related industry. As things turned out, this was the best opportunity he had gotten in life. After rigorous online application processes and background checks from the company, Eric was shortlisted and eventually qualified for the entry-level program in the summer of 2016. During the internships, he learned then in and out of Malta Gaming Authority. With constant feedback from supervisors and field experts, Eric was able to transform his theoretical marketing skills into real life. From reaching to new clients and constantly researching on newer horizons for the authority, this was a perfect place to learn new marketing tools and approaches for casino industries.

Besides enhancing his specialized skill, an internship at MGA helped Eric gain transferable skills. Communication and networking are highly valued skills hence within a year he had professional touch concerning the two. His eventual success through the program saw him secure a job as a marketing officer. He later grew within the ranks to become the marketing program analyst within two years. Hitherto he has ventured into private marketing for online gambling big online gaming brands intending to create the best marketing agency for both land-based and online gaming platforms across the world.

Here is an IGT Internship Program video lighten the internship program conditions:

YouTube video

How was an internship in Betsson Group and many more info considering the conditions is included here:

YouTube video

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) Internship Testimonials:

YouTube video

With Aristocrat Gaming giving you a lifetime opportunity, take your time and apply for the AFL 2021 program. The process is easy while benefits are insurmountable. The program will only sharpen your specialized skills but will go a long way in affording you a platform with refined captains of industry. With unmatched access to technology in workplaces, an internship at Aristocrat Technologies Inc gives successful applicants an unusual opportunity to interact with the latest trends and innovations across departments. More so, the AFL program will give you a clear head start as you start your journey to an exciting career.