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Simply Piano Review

Are you shopping for the best app to learn piano? This in-depth review of Simply Piano covers everything you need to know about the software. Learning to play a new instrument is exciting. But that...
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Check Out Our Favourite Hits From Eurovision

Over its 60-year history, the Eurovision song contest has allowed multiple music artists to present their hit songs to the world. Hosted in the country of the previous winner, the Eurovision contest attracts artists...

Streaming services and cinema: There’s room for both

Has the age of the cinema come to an end? During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many theaters struggled to survive, it was widely predicted that movie viewing would shift to streaming...

5 Photo Editing Tips That Will Make You A “Pro” Photographer

Unlike yesteryears, cameras aren’t privileged gadgets anymore. Even DSLRs and professional-grade camera setups have become more affordable and accessible. Moreover, most modern smartphones are also capable of capturing some stunning shots. However, the actual “appeal” of...
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7 Benefits of Wireless Headphones

With the latest developments in technology, companies are coming up with lots of new and new products every other day. Gone are the days when people had no options but to listen to songs...

Spotify promotions are better than you think! Read this!

There are many ways for a musician to become popular on Spotify. You can upload more often, play with your names of tracks, engage in social media, and of course, use Spotify promotions. The...
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 8 Steps to Pass the Microsoft PL-900 Exam

Due to the significance of the Microsoft brand, Microsoft certificates have historically been the most valuable certifications. The PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification...