Ocean and his eleven must have felt truly divine after having completed their brilliant robbery. Would you like to feel a glimpse of such emotion and trick the mastered slots algorithm? Well, spoiler alert: you can’t. What you can, though, is to make your easiest and minimum-loss way through the reels straight to winning your first progressive jackpot. This guide will help you see all the hidden paths of scoring a victory on the best slot machine games.

Why Is It Impossible to Cheat on the Slot?

Let’s quickly dive into the anatomy of the online slot. The main parts it consists of are the following:

  • Math and algorithms; the way the slot is developed
  • Game process mechanics and setting up a random number generator
  • Setting up the percentage of return (RTP) and licensing

The provider initially sets the percentage of return and the random number generator. Because the latter eliminates the chance of scoring an earlier-happening event, it’s practically impossible to trick the reel machine and fake a win; this is where the key to hacking such games would lie. Obviously, according to probability theory, coincidences can happen even here, but it’s surely not the way to pattern the slot’s work or expect it to function this way.

Now, let’s jump to quick advice.

Master Your Odds

The very first thing to do before you’ve begun playing a slot game is to make sure you’ve selected the one that gives you the best chance of walking away a winner. To do this, you are going to have to choose a game that has good odds; otherwise, you’re fighting a losing battle from the start. You can predict the odds for winnings based on the earlier mentioned parameter called RTP.

The RTP – or Return to Player – is one of the most important bits of information to look for while picking a slot game. It refers to the percentage chance of winning back your initial bet. The higher the RTP the game displays to you, the bigger chance to win you have. It’s still not guaranteed, however; so, don’t assume anything when playing online slots.

Study Your Slot

This point may sound a little obvious, but it’s one of the necessary checks to cross before launching any casino game. Just like you have to know the rules of poker, blackjack, or roulette before taking a place at the table, you ought to be familiar with the slot nuances, especially if you are considering wagering big.

Almost all games are slightly different from one another, even if they look the same, and understanding how your particular one works can give you a slight advantage or, at least, a better idea of a strategy when playing or determining how much you are going to spend.

Many reel machines pros play their games in demo mode so they are able to get a good grasp of just how it works before reaching for a coin. Get acquainted with the mobile version as well; chances are you’ll find it more convenient to wager using your smartphone.

Shake Those Bonuses

A vast majority of those legendary jackpots someone wins are usually scored during the bonus rounds. It becomes clear after the first gaze at the statistics. This is probably why online casinos are usually generous on those welcome promotions (apart from simply encouraging to invest in the first place).

While playing the best slot machine games, one can notice the difference between the basic game and the bonus round. The last thing requires significant skill. Even though in slots, it’s more up to luck than in, say, card games, there are still individual rules and complications. For instance, 5-reel slots provide such symbols as wild and scatter.

The first can be a substitution for any desired symbol in a pay line, while the second is responsible for triggering more bonuses. While taking into account the probability of wilds and scatters to appear and work out, a player should be simultaneously counting the best bet, which requires a particular amount of proficiency. The bottom line here is to practice, watch, and take notes.

The Last Thing

They always say mastering something makes the process look easy. Be sure you will need no sorcery so as to start winning big at slot games. It’s only a matter of short practice, some calculation, and genuine love for gambling. So, eventually, you’ll need no cheating to give yourself credit on that forthcoming victory.