Citizens Insurance Company was established in 2002 is an auto and home insurer focusing on doing business in Michigan and Florida. Their focus is on coverage in this area where a need is such as areas that are coastal and where major carriers are beginning to reduce their exposure.

Insurance Group

The Hanover Group involves five insurance companies, writing mainly automobile and homeowners’ business. This group does business in over a dozen states, writing over $300 million of joint premiums and is one of the top 100 writers of insurance for homeowners in the United States.

Property business

Their property business is mostly in Michigan and Florida with a small but growing business in, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas. Their homeowner’s business is mostly in Florida with smaller books of business in other states.


Citizens Insurance Company is rated ‘B’ by A.M. Best Company, ‘A’ Prime by Demotech, Inc. and is also a member of the Hanover group.

Homeowner’s policy

The Homeowner or (HO3) insurance is usually denoted to as all perils policy, covering personal property and home from perils like fire, lighting, theft, and wind. It also has coverage for personal property and other structures linked with the home as well as temporary necessities when your home is not liveable. Medical coverage and Personal liability for others are also included.

Other dwelling policies

Other dwellings covered by Citizens Insurance include Condominium Unit, Dwelling Fire Policy, and Manufactured Homeowners Policy. Policies often vary from state to state.

Citizens Auto Insurance Liability Coverage

This covers legally for liability for bodily injury or damage to their property. Most states require vehicle owners to have this Liability cover for Property Damage Liability. The main exclusions or items not undercover by this insurance are:

  1. Autos which are owned by you or furnished for the regular use by you or resident relatives that have not been precisely covered under this policy.
  2. Vehicles having less than 4 wheels, and;
  3. Injury claims to family members.

Other Auto Coverages

Citizens Insurance other auto policies include Personal Injury Protection, Uninsured Motorists Coverage, Collision, and Comprehensive. Collision and Comprehensive coverages are NOT offered for any vehicle that is a rental or any vehicle used as a temporary for a vehicle when your other vehicle is being repaired, loss or destruction.