Is there anything that makes the college applicants more scared than their admission essay? The answer is negative in the majority of cases. The only idea of writing it gives students-to-be the shivers, and they start making mistakes from the very beginning. The most common students’ mistake is taking an absolutely wrong approach to choosing the topic. So, what you have to start your writing with is getting a list of cliché college admission essay topics to avoid. The applicants believe that their touching stories about love for their pets or sport victories are engaging. It is important to acknowledge that a good admission essay topic should always be meaningful. So, it should present a unique story of the applicant about who he or she is. To get a good example of an admission topic and essay, you can search online. Yet, you need to be careful and mindful when choosing such samples. What we suggest is looking for some custom essays for sale, for example from Such essays will become a feasible yet effective investment in developing a perfect admission essay by showing you what is important to include in your paper.

Can you show your values and beliefs through the topic you have chosen? Does your topic let you reveal your strengths? Do you consider it the most suitable one for introducing yourself to the people who will decide whether you could be a college student? Please note that there are some topics that you should never take for your application package.

We help you consider the areas you should avoid if you wish to be successful with your application. It is not a list of topics for categorical denial, but they require outstanding skills and talent to become winning ones. We would recommend taking other ones just to get more chances with your application.

1. Sports

You have watched so many movies about great athletes who manage to overcome many obstacles and become rich, successful, and confident. All of those stories motivate and encourage others, reminding them that industriousness brings excellent benefits. Strong will and persistence help the characters learn important lessons, cooperate with others, and reach their goals. You may like these inspirational messages and believe your story will be the same.

Will your essay topic bring you extra points? Not really!

To start with, it is the message sent regularly by many applicants. Again and again, they keep telling about life-changing decisions and overcoming the problems. Are there any chances that you will sound unique, telling about the well-worn clichés? Your chances can be very low. By telling your life story to the committee, you feel that it is of tremendous importance. Well, it is true! This story is important to you but not to the admission committee members. We recommend avoiding the topics of diligence in training, winning the local competitions, and others. If you are an athlete, you are aware of these topics inside out and you want to write about what you understand well. Nevertheless, the topic of sports is too common and you will not be very competitive with it in the application process. So, you should change the topic even if you believe that is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

2 Volunteering and Charity Activities

It is generous and noble of you to take part in the charity and volunteering events and activities. Nevertheless, it is complicated to write about them avoiding the clichés. The admission committees pay special attention to the applicants eager to help others. Well, the key thing is whether you are able to tell about this without any pretense. It may appear as boasting or self-admiration; although, such activities are organized by modest people with the desire to make the lives of others a bit brighter. The stories about experiencing a positive change and making a difference do not impress any longer. If a person helps and then sees the change made, then he or she can be proud and satisfied. This is a very predictable series of events, which creates a cliché.

Take into account that the topic may sound and look outstanding, but its triviality can ruin the effect. The committee has read similar stories thousands of times. If you find a new approach and look at the topic from a different perspective, a new story about the challenges and solutions may appear. It may also be devoted to some personal beliefs or prejudices that changed after the charity experience. These activities can help you grow personally, and it is great to share this experience with the admission committee if you can sound not pretentious.

3. Jokes and Anecdotes

It may sound self-contradictory, but you should avoid telling funny stories in your papers that have to engage the readers. You may believe a humorous tone of writing or the insertion of an anecdote can make a positive difference. You can make your text more entertaining, but the question is whether it is a suitable approach to capture the attention of the committee. Humor is subjective and it is possible to hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally. The introduction of jokes into an application essay can look like a way to show how witty you are. You can demonstrate your sense of humor in different ways. Take into account that you should not turn funny stories into the main advantage of your essay.

You have to focus on your intelligence, strong points, aspirations, and passions. Can you do that if your writing is aimed at entertaining the readers? It is really doubtful. A humorous touch to your writing is OK, but the main idea is to let the committee know your personality through your paper. It does not mean that a dry text with boring ideas is advantageous. Your challenge is to strike a balance and compose a work that is easy to read and full of ideas without an emphasis on humor.

4. Stories of Immigrants

The United States is a nation of diversity in everything. Many people come to live in this country every year. So, immigrant stories in the admission essays are not impressive any longer. Admission officers have read thousands of stories on:

  • Getting used to new traditions
  • Challenges related to learning English as a foreign language
  • Getting accustomed to new lifestyles
  • Taking effort to fit in

The focus on the immigrant background is not advantageous if students divert the attention of the committee from more important topics.

This is one of the cliché college admission essay topics to avoid. Your immigration essay can make you stand out if it sounds unique. Consider some of the conflicts you had as your approach to resolving a problem can show your personality traits. You may emphasize your feelings of being unwelcome in a new country and your decisions are taken to improve the situation.

5. Illegal behavior

There are things in the biographies that cannot be presented as they can affect the impression altogether. The admission committee rarely gives more points to a person whose life story is most shocking. The stories of abuse, drugs use, or sexual encounters are not related to your attempts to become a student. If these things are important in revealing your personality, you have to talk about them mildly and tactfully. It can be beneficial to touch upon the efforts you have taken to recover or fight the addiction. You should avoid giving too many details of this. Casual use of alcohol or drugs cannot be a topic for the work. It is evident that no one can choose such a topic for an admission essay, but there are many examples of such an approach.