With the evolution of technology, the content writing industry has undergone a sea change. As a 21st century individual, you might opt for content writing as a career option! However, if it happens to be in the technical field, you simply need to keep a couple of things in mind! Having said that, technical content writing is in huge demand; it doesn’t sound a piece of cake! Writing technical contents requires following certain instructions, explanations, and directions. While other content writing requires simplifying the contents, one requires simplifying the complexity of technical contents!

Great technical writing will result in relevant and accurate information to target the audiences for achieving a goal. But there are certain rules and patterns to be followed in technical writing. To know more, read on!

Unconventional Abbreviations

These are the termed that aren’t adhering to convention. These words are neither accepted as the standard ones in the English Language. According to what unconventional abbreviated words mean, these words are used in friendly letters, chats, or informal mails. Since these are termed as non-standard words, these aren’t appropriate when it comes to professional technical writing. Hence, avoiding words like gud (good), 9ce (nice) should make sense in terms of technical writing.

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Word Count

Now, this is something that really needs to be your first concern. When writing something technical, you always require shortening the sentences such that complex phrases are understood by the readers. You can measure your word count accordingly with the best use of certain tools! For more information.


Technical writing utilizes certain patterns and rules. One of them is avoiding contraction languages. While contractions are natural ways of languages to be concise and easily understood, they aren’t appropriate to be used in technical writing. The words originate from spoken words, and they aren’t appropriate to be used in official documents. These words simply make the article less formal and less corporate!

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Abbreviations & acronyms are the shortened versions of something which is not similar to it! While both can be represented as a series of letters, they are a great way of saving time and effort! Transmit information more accurately and faster becomes possible with the use of abbreviations. Not just that, they are even easier to memorize. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while incorporating them in your content is to explain the abbreviation and acronym in the beginning. Not only would this help readers understand the guide faster but also avoid long names that should be mentioned repeatedly the content.

After everything else

Writing technical contents doesn’t mean that you are allowed to cover just one portion of the whole thing. A proper way of writing technical contents is by focusing on the introduction and then the body! Since technical contents require a little more survey than other articles or blogs, insight about what you’re writing is good enough to give closure to your writing with a great conclusion!