Business card – a way to exchange contacts after business acquaintance. Looking at the business card, a person will immediately remember the interlocutor and the type of his activity.

Do you need business cards when you can write down the numbers in your phone book? A business card is an element of business etiquette, the first appeared in ancient China. This contact exchange procedure has become commonplace in business circles. The absence of a business card is quite surprising.

Why do you need business cards?

  • To emphasize one’s own status in the eyes of the interlocutor.
  • To leave contact details.
  • Surprise and remember if the business card is original and made of non-standard material, such as metal.
  • Present yourself. With the interlocutor, you talked about one service, and the business card describes a list, it will make a complete picture.
  • Personal relationships. If an existing client wants to recommend you to a friend, he will simply pass the business card.

The business card is printed in 50 x 90 mm standard sizes. For originality and detachment from competitors, implement the following:

  • Textured paper. Non-standard tactile sensations, when you take in hands, attention is guaranteed.
  • Plastic, wood, metal. Skilfully made card not to throw in a trash can. They’ll keep it on the table.
  • The shape. Rounded corners, punching holes, non-standard geometric shapes. Corner – the roof of the house, side – bend of the scroll. I recommend using a business card mockup to make the proper shape.

Why do you need business cards on the table?

When dealing with clients it is important to build relationships on a long-term basis. This is the secret of sales success. The sales manager on acquaintance gives his business card to clients. They can contact him directly, not on a multichannel phone company.

The card should always be at hand for convenience.

It’s an interesting psychological trick.

On business cards of sales managers, it was indicated “development director” or “head of sales”. Clients showed more loyalty and increased attention to high positions than to managers. Therefore the business card is a tool for playing with perception. If in the technology of sale the authority of the representative of the company is important, then pack a post in the most attractive kind.

Why do you need business cards, justification?

Business acquaintances. One of the benefits of attending training events and workshops is to expand the circle of acquaintances. You can only make connections during a break. After communication it is customary to leave a business card, otherwise, they will forget about you.

Exhibitions. If after viewing the pavilion, a potential client takes a brochure or leaflet, it will be more convenient for him to contact the same person with whom he communicated at the exhibition. The booklets are joked with a business card.

Personal sales. It’s no secret that the manager’s income depends on the number of sales. If the closing cycle of the client is long, it is advisable to lead it to one specialist. For fastening of the client behind itself, the business card with a personal working number or a cellular phone is issued.

To emphasize the status. Business card – an element of the image, emphasizes the status, position and social status.

Business cards are necessary for everyone who is engaged in trade and provides services. A familiar and easy way to exchange contacts for further business communication.

It is worth noting that it is not expensive to have business cards. They are compact format 5 by 9 cm, with a single-sided printing the price of one will be less than $ 0.05. The more copies you order, the more economical.