In an ideal situation, you would have a website that people visit. They would all buy something from that website, possibly multiple things. You make a profit off these sales. Everyone walks away happy. Things are far from ideal, though. In most cases, only one in ten visitors to your eCommerce site are going to be customers, and not all of them will be repeat customers at that.


However, do not despair. There are a number of things you can do and tactics you can employ to counter this situation. There are methods and ways to pull your conversion rate up and increase the profitability of your eCommerce venture. Here are some of the methods that have proven consistently effective.

Improve Your Website

One of the proven methods is a better website. Your website design has to be top-notch because it’s what most customers will judge you with. If they don’t like how it looks or can’t navigate it properly, or if it just feels off, your venture isn’t going to get very far.

Get yourself a good web designer. Make the site functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. This can go a long way towards enticing customers to buy from you. If you can make it eye-catching and persuasive at the same time, then you should get a few more conversions. This extends to both the visual element and the words you put on the page.

Simplify the Navigation

Simple navigation is important. You want the site to be easy to use, even if the person has little to no clue on how to use the internet properly. The easier a site is to use, the more time people can spend browsing your products. It won’t matter how great your product lineup is or how fast your shipping options are if people can’t make heads or tails of your website.

Ease of Use

Make it easy to get what they want. This can range from great shipping options provided by a reliable Amazon FBA prep services to using an algorithm that offers suggestions based on the user’s known preferences. The best eCommerce websites are the ones that are adept at digital upselling – people looking to buy one thing end up buying a few more things.

This part ties in with the design element, but a lot of other details as well. Shipping options, navigation, suggestions, and even the website remembering and personalizing its content based on previous purchases can all go a long way to making someone comfortable enough to shop.

Be Upfront and Honest

It is advisable to be upfront about policies, including the procedure for returns and things like taxes. Don’t hide it on some corner of the website that you know people won’t visit, because that looks suspicious. Instead, give clear, concise instructions in a place that is readily accessible for anyone that wants to return their order.

A related aspect of this is to give clear contact information. No one wants to deal with a company that they don’t think they can rely on. You want your contact info to be legitimate, whether it’s an e-mail address or the toll-free number for placing orders over the phone. If people don’t see these things, they become wary of being scammed even if your website is legitimate.

Sell With Social Media

Social media shopping is a great way to improve conversion! More and more people are relying on their social media to access what the internet has to offer. If you use social media as a means of advertising and as a potential sales platform, you can increase your reach and conversion rate. This is because it makes the journey from browser to customer seamless and with minimal effort on their part.

Don’t Hide Any Costs

No hidden costs. This is the biggest mistake many eCommerce sites make. By hiding a cost like a tax or a fee, you alienate customers. Potential converts feel cheated on and will avoid the site unless they have no other choice. You want to make sure that the customer can see the total price of the order upfront and before they shell out their hard-earned cash.

Scarcity, Exclusivity, Urgency

The age-old sales tactics of scarcity, exclusivity, and urgency are your friends. Make them feel that the items are limited in stock, that they can’t get them anywhere else. Give them a sense that what they want might not be available for much longer, or that it won’t be available at that bargain price or very long. These things have worked in the past for salesmen, and they’ll work for eCommerce conversions too.

Discounts Galore!

Finally, everyone loves a discount. Give people different ways to slash the prices down, and watch your stock fly off the shelves.


Sales are hard. Even in the eCommerce arena, selling things is a challenge. However, there are numerous techniques that you can employ to change the game and improve your conversion rate. Use these techniques and you’ll see more sales and customers.