Check out some useful information that you need to know about professional business website translation.

If you have a business and want to go internationally, then you have to tackle the most important step that will help you achieve brand recognition, growth, attract new customers and drive sales. In order to have a successful international brand, you have to know that business website translation is of paramount importance.

Importance of Business Website Translation

Business website translation is also called localization, as it’s the process of translating all content available on your website into the native language of your target audience. The main thing is the content is also being adapted not just to language needs but also translation professionals take into account cultural differences and make the text more easy-to-understand to people from another country. The results of business website translation will surpass your expectations as you will be able to attract thousands of potential customers from abroad.

Here are some statistics that will prove you the extreme importance of business website translation:

  • 9 out of 10 website users state that they will prefer to visit a website written in their native language rather than in English;
  • 19% of people haven’t even searched websites in a foreign language;
  • 42% of customers say they won’t purchase from a website in another language;
  • 72% of people would buy on an international website if they are able to read the info in their native language;
  • 56% of people believe that the price is even less important than the ability to read the website in their native language.

Reasons to Translate a Business Website

Here are the main reasons why you should translate your website on multiple languages if you want to grow an international audience and drive more sales:

  • improved search engine ranking;
  • demonstration of your customer orientation;
  • ability to effectively reach your target audience;
  • chance to beat competitors;
  • ability to gain customers’ trust and build brand recognition;
  • increased sales.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Most new website visitors come from different search engines. The majority of people are browsing web pages in their native languages. Translating your website into one of the foreign languages will be beneficial for the overall business and Google ranking in particular. Therefore, you have more chances to get on top of search engine results, and more people will be likely to visit your website and turn into your customers.

Demonstration of Your Customer Orientation

Once you will translate your website into the native language of your target audience, you will instantly attract more people as it’s a perfect demonstration that you care about them. By doing so, you will show that you don’t just want to make people buy from your website but that you think about them, respect them and want them to get to know your story, get familiar with all the info available on the website easily.

Ability to Effectively Reach Target Audience

As has already been mentioned, most people are browsing the Internet in their native languages. If your website is translated, then chances are much higher your website will appear in their search results. If you offer exactly what your potential visitors are looking for, they will definitely visit your website, explore the information and maybe even choose your brand over local competitors.

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Chance to Beat Competitors

Not all international companies know about the importance of business website translation. They usually overlook this important aspect. If you manage to localize your website before them, you will be able to beat your competitors and attract their potential customers on your side. It won’t take long to grow your audience and let them forget about other websites’ existence.

Ability to Gain Customers’ Trust and Build Brand Recognition

Gaining the trust of your customers is an important detail that can make them do business with you. People feel safer if they are able to visit an international website translated into their native language. Adapting the website to the cultural nuances and background will help you get trust and recognition faster. And remember, 51% of customers will never return to a brand they had a negative experience with. It’s your chance to make the website experience impeccable.

Increased Sales

The benefits described above will help you drive sales. If your customers understand they are important, that your brand offers them quality products or services that they can easily get familiar with, they will be more likely to make a purchase and become one of your loyal customers in the future.

How to Translate Your Business Website

If you made this important decision to translate your business website, you have now to choose the appropriate translation service which will provide you the service. The market is overflowing with different agencies so it’s very easy to get lost. The main thing to remember when choosing an agency is that machine learning is not the best option. Though this type of translation can be of good quality, it’s recommended to get a human translation for perfect results.

The perfect translation services have qualified experts on board who are knowledgeable in different languages and have various areas of expertise to provide you with the most professional results that will correspond to your needs. Also, it’s very important so that translators are certified so you can make sure they have all the important qualifications to translate your website. In addition, check out testimonials to find out what other customers think of the quality they offer.

Final Words

The importance of translating your business website for further development and growth is undeniable. Now you know the importance of translation for conquering the international market. With these tips, you will be also able to choose the perfect translation service that will provide you with impeccable services so you can achieve outstanding results.