Cash, deposits, cards apps and monetary transfers, there are a lot of options when making a payment in online casinos. All in the spirit of enjoying gambling games, and Cryptocurrencies are no exception.

But you may ask yourself. What is a Cryptocurrency? This is a type of money that does not belong to any country in particular. These can be used to buy almost anything in the internet, in almost any country of the world!

Online Casinos are no exceptions to this rule. It has been a while since online casinos have accepted this type of money when gambling and, even though Bitcoins are the most well-known, there are a lot of variants. One of them is Ether.

Cryptocurrency in online casinos. 

There are a lot of advantages when playing with this currency, probably the most remarkable is its security and confidentiality. Also, it’s very easy to use and simple when making transaction, which makes it very fast and simple to start gambling.

Among the most used cryptocurrency, we can find Ethereum, characterized for its speed during transactions. This quality makes it rather common to find an Ethereum casino which uses this cryptocurrency, this is because, this currency allows you to use your earnings almost instantly whenever you might want to.

Ethereum gambling is very easy to find. The rules for playing are the same as any other online casino. The only thing you have to do is to enable your ETH founds in your online wallet, like with any other type of currency, and then just start playing!

One of the qualities of this currency is its lack of ownership by any country, this way no banks can interfere with your transactions. Any movement in your transactions will be free from any additional fee or tax banks may usually charge you!

Transparency as a primary law

Casinos which allow gambling with this currency guarantee the transparency of all bets. This is because this currency force them to be responsible and to offer a clear service.

Ethereum gambling sites have a special system that grants users access to an accounting book, where they can see all the moments they have made. This offers users some of the higher levels of transparency the market has to offer!

This commitment grants players the ability to see all the results and payments they might have done.  Playing using this currency guaranties that our money is been used in accordance with the law!

Cons to keep in mind.

It’s a given that all systems have some circumstances we need to know and keep in mind when deciding to use them, and Ethereum gambling has some cons to keep in mind:

  • Like any other Cryptocurrency, its value is subjected to continuous changes, which might lead to its value fluctuating to almost a 5% in a single day.
  • It’s not a very well-known cryptocurrency. Even though it has been in the internet for a few years now, it’s still pretty much under the radar, which has led to a low number of people using it for gambling.
  • Even though transactions with this currency don’t have extra fees or charges, if we decide to turn it into cash or transfer it to our bank accounts, the taxes we have to pay might be high, to 36% tops. This number varies depending on the country.

Who to choose the best casino? 

Like you might have already known, there are many online casinos that offer different bonuses or rewards when choosing different payment methods. You should look for some Ethereum casino reviews before making your choice.

It’s almost never a good idea to just enter to the first online casino we find. Looking at the reviews will allow us to assess the quality and quantity of the games, bonuses, rewards and overall services a casino might have to offer.

For all these reasons, whatever payment method you might choose, it’s important to analyze as much options as you can before using your money. Making a wise decision when choosing where to spend your money might guarantee you many rewards and many ours of entertainment and enjoyment!

Don’t waste any more time! Invest in cryptocurrency and start playing!