Once you feel that you have thoroughly prepared to take the GMAT, you must take the GMAT mock. Mocks help you accurately assess your GMAT preparation. However, to be able to obtain an accurate assessment of your preparedness to take the GMAT, you must ensure that you opt for a good GMAT mock. A good GMAT mock, typically, will be identical to the GMAT in question type, pattern, difficulty level, and even scoring pattern. It will also mimic the test-taking screen and controls. Besides, it should include a weakness diagnostics system to inform you of the specific areas that need more focus and improvement. The program should also be made available to the students at an affordable rate. While no GMAT test is prohibitively expensive, it will be helpful for the students as they also need to take into account the cost of the exam.

If we are to consider all the aforementioned points, Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series not only aligns with all the factors but also is the best on all these fronts.

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Quality of Questions

All the questions on the Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock tests bear an incredible resemblance to the GMAT in terms of complexity, the scope of testing, content tested and all other factors. Besides, the fact that the tests are conducted on the same full-screen environment, with the same controls and graphics as the GMAT helps to mimic the GMAT test-taking environment, thereby acclimatizing the student to the GMAT test-taking environment. You may even take the free GMAT mock to better understand the features of the entire test series.

Representative Scoring

The scoring pattern on the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test series is unbelievably similar to the GMAT. This is a significant achievement in favor of Experts’ Global as the GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge and hardly any mock test-developers have been able to mimic it. This congruency in scoring is confirmed by the students’ report of the similarity in their mock test and GMAT scores. Such representative scoring actually helps the student properly gauge their GMAT performance.

Robust Analytics

The Experts’ Global GMAT test prep package is singular because it includes an extremely robust weakness diagnostics system. This AI-based software analyzes the performance on each test to suggest the areas you need to improve upon; it also tells you the time you have spent in answering each type of question. Moreover, the software can analyze your performance over a series of tests and provide you with a broad understanding of your learning requirements. This is crucial as understanding one’s weakness is actually the first step in overcoming them.


The Experts’ Global mock test package includes 15, full-length tests and yet it comes at the same price at which other services offer only about 6 mocks. The higher number of tests ensures repeated practice, thereby allowing the student to build endurance and strategy before the exam. To be able to get the good GMAT score, the student must be thoroughly acquainted with the concepts and well-prepared and that can only be achieved by repeated practice.

Self-Study Resources

Besides, the Experts’ Global mock test series includes an extremely enriching repository of video instructions. Each question is accompanied by a video instruction detailing the solution of the question as well as the most efficient method of solving a question. Besides, a 10-part e-books series on sentence correction also ensures that the student is well-acquainted with the GMAT sentence correction concepts.

Undoubtedly, the Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is the best GMAT mock as it provides the most holistic and composite learning experience.