In today’s busy life when every second is valuable who has ‘that’ extra time for paying toll payment after- waiting in a long queue at a toll plaza? Many have neither the time, nor the patience or energy, but still stands in a toll collection queue just because there is no other alternative to pay toll tax. But gone are those days, thanks to our Government who have taken the initiative to start FASTag, an electronic toll collection facility to reduce our delays and enable us to lead a hassle-free journey.

This advanced and the most appreciated program has been implemented by IHMCL which stands for Indian Highways Management Company Ltd. for travelers to help cut delays without wasting time through over-crowded toll highways. From December 15, 2019, FASTag has become mandatory for all vehicles. The main purpose of the ruling Government behind switching to an electronic toll collection mechanism for private and commercial vehicles is to reduce waiting times at toll plazas on national highways and keep traffic moving.

Here’s all you need to know about FASTag and how to get one to make your traveling via national highways hassle-free.

What is FASTag?

It is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making cashless payments from the prepaid account like paytm or personal bank account linked to it. This system is planning to implement at all the Highway toll plazas across India (more than 420 approx). It helps in reducing traffic congestion at toll plazas and reduce wait times. As per the Government plan, vehicle owners need to follow the FASTag purchase guidelines of any issuing bank or payment providers like paytm and also recharge it. In simple words, it is a prepaid rechargeable tag that facilitates automatic payment deduction from the account linked to it. With the help of this, you will now not have to stop your vehicle at national highway toll plazas waiting for hours to pay the Government initiated toll. It will provide you comfort and ease during transit through toll plaza while saving your time and fuel.

All, you need to recharge your account or prepaid wallet (which the tag is linked) electronically, so they can be easily used to pass through the tolls. These tags can be used as long as they are readable at the toll plaza and are timely recharged, also they should not have tampered.

What are the advantages of FASTag?

Reducing corruption

Corruption is one of the biggest issues of the country which needs to be eliminated from the roots. With an aim to tame the corrupt government employees and companies who misuse the toll plaza just to fill their own pockets, this RFID tag has been introduced in the toll collection system. With this tech-advanced program, now there will be no cash transaction, and the drivers pay the toll digitally. All the toll collection paid through an electronic system will be sent directly to the government authority or organization in charge of that particular toll plaza. This way, there will be no interference of corrupted people, and simultaneously corruption will soon vanish.

Secured payment system

Payment being directly attached to the authority treasure makes sure that fair practice will be processed during the tax as well as toll collection. If it’s about the RFID FASTag toll collection system, then there will be no doubt that it is safer for both the payer and the payee. The system is safely layered with a secure billing process and while making the payment, users will instantly receive the notification on his registered mobile number and to a linked bank account so that he can crosscheck.

Stay cash-free

Now you absolutely don’t need to worry about carrying the exact change (cash) to make your toll payment to the highway toll plazas authority. One of the biggest reasons for the long queue in the toll highways is that people don’t have the exact change and due to this, toll employees take time to pay change to the drivers. But not anymore, with RFID-centric tag the exact toll amount will be automatically deducted from your account. This way, it will save the hassle of carrying a different combination of currency and change on a long trip across the toll highways.

Convenience to drivers

The main benefit if anyone can experience the innovation of RFID based toll tax payment system in the toll plazas, then it is only drivers who now don’t have to wait by standing in the long queue just to pay the toll amount. At some point, we all have experienced the toll plazas long queues and pretty well know that it leads to a huge delay in the important journey. Time is of the essence and once you get your FASTag, you will easily be able to drive non-stop at toll plazas without a need to stop there. Thus, you are now able to save your productive time and fuel money at the same time.

With this, it arises a curiosity among the drivers to know from where they can buy their FASTag to make their journey hassle-free. Continue reading the post and get detailed information.

Where to buy your FASTag?

The government has authorized 22 certified banks to provide FASTag to the vehicle owners through various ways such as Point-of-Sale at National Highway toll plazas and bank branches. They are also available on popular websites and applications such as Paytm as mentioned above.

How you can recharge your FASTag?

If you have linked your FASTag with your bank account, then you don’t need to load money separately in a prepaid wallet. You only need to make sure that your FASTag linked-bank account has sufficient balance to make toll payments. However, if you have linked the FASTag to a prepaid wallet, then it can be recharged through UPI, debit/credit card, net banking or any eCommerce website.

Do make your life and traveling duration easier by using the government introduced FASTag toll passing program.