We humans always have been obsessed with the other side, i.e., the supernatural side. It is this desire that we have come up with so many festivals that lie on the spooky spectrum. Halloween is the most renowned one among them; however, there are other festivals too that are sure to give you a good scare. This article will list down some of the eeriest ones.

Day of Dracula, Romania

To celebrate Halloween, huge crowd flocks to the iconic castle of Count Dracula: the world’s most famous vampire. People assemble in Transylvania’s Bran Castle and wander around the secret tunnels and discreet staircases, discovering new mazes and having an amazing time. They also get to learn about the history of the 700-year-old castle. Donning costumes, visitors do not leave without having fun.

Hungry Ghost Festival, Hong Kong

Can ghosts eat? Well, people celebrating the hungry ghost festival certainly believe so. According to beliefs, on the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the doors of hell are unlocked, allowing spirits to wander in the world of the living. For two weeks, these spirits roam around and haunt people. But on the fifteenth day, their families honor them by offering various delicacies, such as meat, vegetables, and even pastries.

Other paper goods are ignited so that the ghosts can make use of them in the afterlife. Members of the Chiu Chow community even light candles and lanterns so that the spirits have a safe path back to where they came from. This festival is the perfect opportunity for their departed near and dear ones.

Kawasaki Halloween Parade, Japan

This is a pompous costume party in Japan where thousands of participants flock in a parade, all set for a wild celebration. To say that the costumes are wild would be an understatement. This is the biggest celebration of its kind in the country of Japan. It takes place on 28 October and draws a crowd of 130,000. There are eerie parade floats and top-class DJs and musicians.

People attending these parades for the first time will get a good surprise when they witness the craziness live. Costumes are not taken lightly and occupy the central stage. You can spot multiple larger-than-life costumes, face paint artists, and even prosthetics. If you wish to be a participant in the main parade, the requisites are a costume, a filled-out application form, and around 9 USD. To read more about such horror festivals, head over to Betway.

Fastlevan, Denmark

This festival is dubbed as a crossover between Halloween and a carnival. Fastlevan is celebrated in February and relished widely by children. Wearing costumes, children hop door to door, asking for candies and tasty cream-filled buns known as fastelavensboller.

However, the origins of this festival are not as cheerful as the festival itself. It was a practice where they would place a cat in a barrel and then beat the barrel and the cat. It was considered that this practice would ward off evil spirits. But today, the cat is not live and made of cardboard, and the barrel is full of candies.