While the discovery of new medicines in the early 2000s for the treatment of HIV and Aids brought light to the lives of numerous individuals who had been diagnosed with the virus. These HIV medicines, known as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI’s) were a miraculous discovery that gave hope to sufferers as they were able to transform the diagnosis of certain death into a chronic condition that would be manageable.

However, back in 2004, a newer drug took over the market for the treatment of HIV and AIDS patients known as Truvada. Unlike NRTI’s, Truvada was approved for the use of HIV-negative individuals to effectively protect them from the virus. Even though the drug has managed successfully protect some individuals from the virus, it has proven to be extremely harmful to others.

The Crippling Side Effects

Despite the incredibly appealing promises of the drug, the use of Truvada has resulted in several crippling side effects for a number of individuals that hoped to reap the claimed promises of the manufacturer. Some of these side effects have been known to cause kidney failure as individuals are required to consume large amounts of Truvada medicine in order for it to work, which increases the risks of kidney failure, reduced kidney function, chronic kidney disease, and acute kidney injury as the potent formula is flushed out through the user’s kidneys. These side effects can potentially be fatal, however, the use of this medicine is concerning for several other severe side effects.

As though the risks of kidney failure were not enough for the manufacturer to determine the medicine as an unsafe product for human consumption, the Truvada drug has also been responsible for causing bone complications which include extremely severe symptoms such as bone loss and bone deterioration, dental issues, severe discomfort, and reduced bone density. The list of risks associated with this drug range from mild to severe as other concerning side effects such as bruising and depression prove that in most cases, the endless risks involved far outweigh the claimed benefits.

Justice For Mislead Victims

The main concern with the side effects of Truvada is the unsettling fact that the manufacturer, Gilead Sciences Incorporated have been well aware of the extreme side effects involved. However, despite the fatal risks, the drug has been approved for use.

While countless victims of these side effects will spend their lives regretting the choice to take advantage of the misleading benefits of the manufacturer, the medicine has also been responsible for numerous deaths. The crippling side effects associated with Truvada have grabbed the attention of legal practices on a global scale to fight for justice for the victims. Onder Law Firm is one specific legal firm with dedicated attorneys that are prepared to handle your Truvada lawsuit to ensure that the manufacturer of this harmful drug will be held responsible for all your medical bills that resulted from the mentioned side effects as well as lost wages, the severe suffering caused, and in fatal cases, the funeral costs and compensation for the family of the deceased.

Ensuring Negligent Manufacturers Are Held Responsible

Gilead Sciences is unfortunately just one of many negligent manufacturers that have released and approved the use of a product that is realistically unfit for human consumption. While victims and their family members have been wronged by the actions of such negligent manufacturers, highly skilled attorneys that are determined to force appropriate consequences onto the responsible manufacturers are able to provide victims with some comfort in knowing their rights as consumers are being protected.

Even though numerous Truvada victims suffer symptoms that will haunt them for the rest of their lives, Gilead Sciences and other negligent manufacturers will be forced to provide compensation for misleading consumers. Filing a lawsuit may be the only way that victims can reclaim the unfortunate damages that resulted from a faulty product.

Considering Side Effects

Before being lured in by the attractive promises of a product, it is crucial to determine the relative side effects of the product. This is specifically vital when considering the use of a medication, even if it has been prescribed by a medical professional. The process of conducting adequate research on any prescribed medications will greatly reduce your chances of consuming a drug that can potentially result in severe side effects. Such precautions should not be necessary, although, when taking into account the reality of negligent manufacturers, these precautions are unfortunately completely essential.