what is an atv

Getting a VIN lookup is imperative for any potential buyer of a used ATV. Vehicle history may reveal quite a few unpleasant surprises. It is unwise to conclude the deal until you are absolutely sure there is no catch. Here are five serious drawbacks most commonly highlighted by VIN checks.

Have you chosen a suitable second-hand ATV? Find the VIN number and head to ATV VIN check to have it checked. Car sales involve a lot of potential problems, and awareness of risks is key. Even when buying from a dealer, a thorough check should never be skipped! Try it for free!

Collision Damage

This is one of the most significant elements of a VIN report. A VIN lookup service will provide you with comprehensive details concerning any collisions or accident damage to the vehicle you want to buy. The information could include such details as instances of an airbag deployment, which implies that the crash was serious – either side or head-on.

You will also see whether the ATV has ever had frame damage as a result of a crash. This is essential, as a damaged frame (no matter how long ago) could still impact the safety features negatively. Moreover, this could also exacerbate the damage caused by any traffic accidents in the future.

Salvaged, Totaled, or Lemon

If a car report indicates that the vehicle you are checking has ever been salvaged or totaled, this refers to its insurance history. this means it was once written off as a vehicle in need of repairs exceeding the worth of the car itself.

Hence, even if could still be a driver, someone considered it not worth fixing. The status of a lemon means there are defects which are not easily seen. It is a red flag that should make you reconsider buying that ATV.

Odometer Discrepancies

If you spot any inconsistencies here, this indicated foul play – the odometer has been tinkered with. Alterations are is fairly easy to pull off if you have the right tools. If the odometer currently reads 35,000 miles while it read 40,000 miles at the last check-up, this is another red flag. The readings must have been rolled back by an unscrupulous owner. Obviously, the purpose of such manipulations is to exaggerate the value of the car.

Insufficient Service Records

Clearly, any vehicle needs regular servicing and repairs in order to maintain good condition. If a VIN report shows random maintenance or lack thereof, think twice. Unless there is a regular maintenance pattern, the owner should not be trusted too much.

Flood or Fire Damage

Naturally, this is probably the least common issue faced by drivers, but it still exists. Any vehicle history report revealing damage caused by flood or fire will indicate deterioration of car integrity. Such emergencies could create serious electrical problems, as well as transmission and structural issues. What’s even worse, they may be hard to detect.