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Covid-19 seems like an unending, long, dark tunnel. When people thought they ultimately made it to the other side, countries started experiencing the second wave. As lockdowns were again imposed, people had no other alternative but to look out for a curative guide of the list of things to do to keep themselves occupied. We say there are quite a lot of fun things to try out without sulking over the whole situation. If you can make a lockdown bucket list out of the suggestions enclosed in this blog, you will end up staying positive and safe throughout the lockdown phase.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the interesting things you must try while social distancing.

Whip up a cloud bread

Remember the times when our Instagram feed got flooded with posts of banana bread, Dalgona coffee, and pancake cereals. People soon got tired of them. At the moment, the craze is all about cloud bread from Tiktok. The simplicity of the recipe, requiring only four ingredients to whip it up is why it got so popular. Moreover, you can make a rainbow out of it with your choice of food colorings. Bake yours with a little creativity and post a picture on Insta to enjoy praise and admiration from your near and dear ones.

Educate yourself on anti-racism

Many of you may have posted a black square on your Instagram account with 50% of you not knowing the reason behind it. That was because of the #BlackOutTuesday movement – a deliberate protest against police brutality and racism in response to the ruthlessness experienced by Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery. The movement aimed at taking black users down from social media for a day, disconnecting from work, and reconnecting with our community. With all the idle time in your hands, you can go through the privileges enjoyed by the human race and observe the biasedness of the system. Now is the perfect time to read about anti-racism from books, podcasts, and other resources.

Play online games

Get yourself registered at a gambling site and play slots, participate in virtual sports, try out your luck at table games, bet on poker for a change, and gather experience at roulette. While there are plenty of gaming zones available at the moment, the most recommended would be the online casino GG.Bet. Besides the addition of some of the latest games from top-tier providers, the site ensures a 100% safe gaming experience.

Work on improving your posture

Ever since social distancing emerged as a safety protocol, people have been isolating themselves and working from home. Sitting right in front of the screen for hours at a stretch has certainly taken a toll on their posture. So, the least you can do is follow YouTube videos on how to improve posture and work on your joints and muscles.

Take a journey back to your roots

Have you always been curious about your roots? Maybe it’s time to trace it, understand who your ancestors were and their origins. Remember, it’s not an overnight project and quite tedious. Not only should it take you time but the active involvement of your family members. All in all, it’s an interesting hobby, and you are likely to enjoy every minute spent on it.

Curate your collection of wine

Have you always dreamt of having a curated wine cellar at your home? Now is the right time to get started on achieving that perfect curated collection of wine. However, bear a few things in mind for the plan to succeed. The first and foremost thing is to seek a good space with proper storage conditions. Ensure moderate humidity levels, a temperature of 12-15 degrees centigrade with no penetration of sunlight. Also, pick wines from different regions so that when you serve them to your guests, you have a story to narrate and make it fascinating.

Play ‘Come Dine with Me’

Human beings are social animals. Social distancing can be hard to tackle. So, take some time out of your busy schedule to have some fun time with family. A brilliant idea would be to play ‘come dine with me’, where you can play the host and entertain your family with a three-course meal. Try not to judge and bring in that competitive spirit to transform your boring dinnertimes into a fun-filled one.

Organize a virtual cocktail party

Yes, organizing a virtual cocktail party is possible today. Thanks to the weird ideas of people, cocktail companies are now delivering cocktail-making kits to those interested in preparing their drink. Of course, you shall be guided with tutorials from dedicated mixologists on the same day. Isn’t it fun?

Be crafty

Technology has taken away from people some of the most quality pastimes, like learning how to knit and practicing calligraphy. Don’t let it happen to you. Make your afternoons creative by being crafty and enjoy the therapeutic benefits they bring along.

Set yourself some positive goals

For that, you need to check how emotionally, physically, and energetically stable you are so that you can set your goals accordingly. For instance, if you feel a little drained, consider yourself setting some achievable goals such as going out for a walk, meditating, tidying your room, etc. Similarly, if you feel motivated, set goals in line with how you feel. Going out for a run or executing an idea that you have been longing to initiate are some of the ways you can empower yourself.

Make your holiday list

You are not the only one whose vacations are on hold. There are many like you, waiting for the lockdowns to get over and the government to lift restrictions. How do you think are they coping up? Well, they are preparing their list of unexplored regions, both local and global to visit the next time.

Attempt at being a polyglot

There’s nothing like picking up an invaluable skill to escape the daily grind. Learning a language or five can make you feel better, productive and work up your brain cells. You will find online lessons today which make the process fun, stimulating, and casual, so you won’t feel it is a chore. Who knows by the time everything settles, you might discover a new side – a polyglot!

Spread your kindness

Had the world been gentle, there wouldn’t have been a need to list this out separately. Unfortunately, it’s not, so you need to cast the magic with your kindness and help out the vulnerable section of your community. Gestures of charity is a wonderful idea to go along with.

Try to live a plastic-free week

This might look easy at the outset, but the challenge is felt the most when the act requires the replacement of regular stuff with bamboo toothbrushes, reusable shopping bags, reusable drinking straws, reusable storage bags, and storage containers.

Go for a backyard makeover

Clean up your backyard which has been long pending by uprooting weeds and wild plants to create a lush green lawn. Get it lighted with rice lights and set up a brand-new sun umbrella for enjoying brunch or dinner with family. Simply put, make use of the backyard by going for a quick makeover.

There’s enough motivation to stay safe at home, maintain social distancing and put up a happy face no matter how much the situation worsens. Let us know if you followed suit and feel free to share some of your ideas in the comment box. We would love to hear from you!