You may not have realized it, but there is more than one type of roach. Of course, you don’t want any roach in your home, but the German cockroach is one of the worst ones, certainly not one you want to willingly invite into your home.

The German cockroach is the most common roach in the US; it is also one of the smallest roaches. But, if you have, or even think you have, an infestation you’re going to want to get hold of the exterminators fast.

Recognizing The German Cockroach

This roach is approximately ½ inch long. It has two parallel stripes going down its back. These are dark and start under their heads. They are light brown and comfortable in any indoor environment, simply because homes are generally warm and offer food.

Classic Signs Of An Infestation

Click here to find out more about your local pest control expert and how they can help you if you see any of the following signs of infestation:

  • Visible sighting of a cockroach
  • Oily or musty smell
  • Droppings, you may need some help identifying these.
  • Dead roaches on your floors or countertops
  • Food disappearing or containers chewed

Control Solutions

The first thing to note is that the German cockroach doesn’t stroll into your home by itself; you invite it in. You’ll have picked up the little critter at a friend’s house or when shopping.

They’ll then be carried into your home and free to roam.

That’s why you need to check every box and bag that enters your home, especially if you’ve bought pre-owned items.

You should be able to spot and eliminate the cockroach before it becomes an issue.


Roaches are the same as any pest in that they need food and water to survive, although they can survive as long as one month without food, they cannot go past one week without water.

Therefore, you need to eliminate food sources. This means placing all open food packets inside containers and cleaning your floors and countertops regularly.

It’s important to wash dishes straight after you’ve used them and not to leave any food waste around. The cleaner your house the less attractive it will be to any type of roach.

This also applies to any food spilled, the sooner it’s cleaned up, the less likely it will attract the roaches.

While food is more important, roaches do need water to survive. You can deprive them of access to water by removing any sources of water. Pick up your pet’s water, wipe down your sides, and dry them, you should even check under the sinks to ensure there are no leaking pipes.

If you find any issues, fix them if you don’t you’re inviting roaches and a host of other pests into your home.

Don’t forget, if you find that you do have a problem then get professional help. They can eliminate the roaches where you see and them, and where you don’t.