A traditional German outfit for women is called ‘Dirndl.’ The word itself is derived from the German word ‘Dirne’ which means ‘Girl.’ Though there are a lot of modern variations of the original dress available in online stores such as Floryday across the internet; the classic Dirndl consisted of a simple skirt and a top.

History of Dirndls

Dirndls were first devised in the 19th century for housemaids to be worn as uniforms. However, in later years, the Bavarian High class adapted this as the staple fashion trend, and since then the popularity of this dress has been growing only. Still today, Dirndls are popular across Austria, Alpine region, Bavaria and other parts of the world. The dress is primarily worn in festivals such as Oktoberfest, and a lot of young women love to shop for it through online forums like Floryday. Floryday is a popular online store among young women who like to dress up on various occasions and consists of a wide range of various versions of Dirndl popular among German ladies.

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Modern Variations of Dirndls

The modern variations of Dirndl include a Midi Dirndl and a Mini Dirndl. A Midi Dirndl has ankle long length, and a Mini Dirndl is shorter. The blouse or the top has also been reformed and often includes off-shoulder styles. Besides Oktoberfest, a popular German Volkfest celebration, Dirndls can be worn on almost any occasion, including weddings, public festivals, funfairs, beer festivals, and May Pole celebrations. Dirndls can also be worn at Halloween as costumes or at fancy dress parties to create the classic German maid look.

Dirndls are famous for their stylish look and complement any body type. They are a part of German cultural heritage which has found its way into different countries of the world across continents. Originally the Dirndl was made out of cotton since it was supposed to be worn by the maids only, but as it found its way into the higher society’s closet, the texture and color of the dress changed considerably.

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Dirndls Today

Even today, Dirndls are easily available in stores due to their smart style and are made out of various textured fabrics such as linen and silk. A variety of color combinations and neckline styles can experiment while opting for the dress depending on the occasion it needs to be worn on. From Peter Pan colors to V-necklines, there is a range of options to form a combination with and it all depends on your styling sense if you decide to get your Dirndls custom made. For instance, if you are dressing up for a wedding, you might wear silk textured glossy colored Dirndl, and for going to a Halloween party, you could pair a goth themed Dirndl with required props.

Dirndls are often referred to as Trachts and form an integral part of German fashion which has been exported abroad. Dirndls are usually complemented with braiding hairstyles and from less to almost none accessories. With their fashionable and body accenting features, Dirndls are a popular German dress loved by women across Europe.