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When it comes time to leave for a vacation, a short tour or a business trip, the choice of suitcases is always of extreme importance. The ideal suitcase allows you to contain everything you need for our trip in perfect order, it is made in the dimensions that comply with the regulations for air transport, with resistant and excellent quality material and without neglecting, of course, a certain regard for elegance and to design. But… how to choose the one that suits us best?

Before leaving for the summer holidays, if necessary, buy a set of suitcases for the whole family: in this way you can satisfy everyone’s individual needs in terms of space, practicality and resistance, and aesthetics. The market today offers a rich assortment of suitcases and trolleys of various sizes, produced with innovative materials and available in splendid colors, classic or trendy: finding the best travel luggage is really very easy.

How to choose the best suitcase: the size

When choosing a suitcase, or a set of suitcases, the dimensions, and therefore the overall dimensions, are very important. For a trip of a few days, a weekend, or a short business trip, a small trolley is usually sufficient, which meets the standards set by airlines for hand luggage. If you are planning a rather long trip, such as a holiday, you must make sure you have more space in your suitcase, always paying attention to both the measurements and the weight, to respect the mandatory limits for checked baggage, both in-plane and ship. If in doubt, we recommend that you check the dimensions and weight allowed for baggage transport by your chosen airline or shipping company.

The technical aspect of a suitcase: the material

When choosing a suitcase, the material with which it is made is important for two reasons: the aesthetic appearance and the qualities of resistance. In the past, the use of the finest leathers was favored for the production of suitcases and travel bags, while current needs, both in terms of design and performance, require high-performance technical materials, capable of protecting personal items, from shocks and humidity.

Most suitcases are made of polycarbonate, ABS, synthetic materials patented by the manufacturer or tear-resistant, and water-repellent nylon fabric. The ability to absorb shocks is an indispensable gift, considering that not much care is used in the holds of planes and boats. Today’s suitcases show an essential and sometimes slightly retro design, rounded corners, shell structure, elegant colors and finishes, and are equipped with wheels and handle to facilitate transport during the stretches to be covered on foot.

Backpacks and travel bags: alternatives to the modern suitcase

Although rigid suitcases are the most popular, perhaps you too are among those travelers who cannot do without the traditional travel bag or globetrotting backpack. The ideal travel bag is in soft and resistant technical fabric, with sturdy and ergonomic handles, equipped with wheels to avoid the fatigue of carrying the weight for a long time, and is perfect for car trips. The backpack, essential for trekking and camping, but can also be an original alternative to the suitcase if you love to take a lot of photos, as it allows you to always have your hands free.