The ancient principles of Ayurveda aim to help the body find its own path to health and contentment by following a nutritious diet along with some yoga and meditation. One of the easiest ways to incorporate such philosophies into your life is to drink Ayurvedic tea. But are the health and skincare benefits of this delicious tea-based on science or mythology?

Origins of Ayurveda

The ancient philosophy of Ayurveda began in India 5,000 years ago. Back then, the Lord Dhanvantari was busy in his role as the physician of the Hindu gods. As he helped them to lead a joyous celestial life by using Ayurdeva philosophy, he noticed that chaotic humans were in dire need of his skills. Lord Dhanvantari duly shared his powerful knowledge of the Science of Life with a few wise sages.

The Secret of Ayurvedic Philosophy

The main belief of Ayurveda is that anyone can fall prey to all types of illnesses if the delicate balance of body, mind, and spirit is disturbed. And one thing humans are good at is allowing their mysterious inner systems or doshas to clash.

Luckily, Ayurvedic tea from the Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company is one of the most effective ways to help restore unruly doshas to a state of harmony. It can be in the form of loose leaf tea or convenient tea bags, but first, you have to identify your main influential dosha to find which tea to drink.

Three Doshas or Personalities

According to Ayurvedic principles, everyone has five elements of air, ether, water, fire, and earth that manifest themselves as three basic doshas, namely Vatha, Kapha, and Pitha. However, one dosha is always more influential than the others and ultimately determines your personality.

A dominant Vatha gives you an agitated, restlessness that can spoil your concentration. You’ll typically wake up several times during the night and your digestion will often be unsettled.

If Kapha is your ruling dosha you’ll be organized and relaxed, even to the point of complacency. Decision making is never a problem as you keep a clear head and act calmly.

When you’re dominated by Pitha you’ll be the life and soul of the party until your temper suddenly erupts. Consequently, such hyperactive energy gives you a voracious appetite.

Which Ayurvedic Teas Should You Drink?

Maintaining your three dosha elements in one harmonious state can be hard work, but your task is much easier if you know which type of Ayurvedic tea might benefit you the most. Cardamom is particularly useful as it helps your three doshas to become balanced. The different herbs and spices of the teas help to cleanse your system of the unruliness of personality that can lead to poor health.

Vatha is an active dosha that helps your heart work effectively, aiding your blood circulation, and breathing. Vatha tea might contain cloves, licorice, ginger, fennel, and cinnamon.

Kapha protects your immune system, promotes cell renewal, and supplies moisture to the skin. Kapha tea can include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper.

Pitha encourages your metabolism to function efficiently and regulates digestion, body temperature, and nutritional absorption. Pitha tea usually includes licorice, fennel, cardamom, stevia, and roses.

Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Teas

Ayurvedic or herbal teas from your favorite online tea and coffee shop are prepared by infusing them with boiling water like regular black tea. Whether you buy loose tea or tea bags online, they’ll still contain the special qualities that promote well-being and health in so many different ways. Turmeric is believed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and strokes by keeping the arteries clear of sticky plaques.

Other benefits include helping your digestive system to work efficiently, eliminating heartburn, removing harmful toxins, and improving the appearance and texture of your skin. Ayurveda uses inexpensive herbs, so it’s an affordable treatment, particularly when there are such good teabag offers to be found at a teabag online shop.

Fountain of Youth

No one wants to look old and wrinkly before their time, but that’s where Ayurveda can make a difference to how long you’re able to retain your dazzling good looks. You can help your skin to improve by drinking Ayurveda loose leaf tea or tea bags from a teabag online shop.

The ingredients of these teas are particularly helpful in improving your complexion and skin texture. Ginger stimulates your circulation and helps to remove the toxins that gradually build up in your arteries. As a result, your skin should become clear with a healthy, fresh sheen. Fennel seeds actively combat free radicals that can damage your cells.

They naturally contain zinc, potassium, and copper, which help to keep your skin looking youthful. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effect helps to reduce redness and promote an even skin tone.

How Ayurvedic Tea Helps Skin Problems

Persistent skin complaints such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne can blight your entire life with unpredictable flare-ups that are difficult to control. Modern medications are usually applied topically, but Ayurvedic principles believe these complaints are a result of toxins accumulating in your body.

Drinking Ayurveda teas purchased as loose leaf or tea bags online can help to purify your blood and tissues, ultimately helping to restore your skin to good health. Basil relieves stress and is effective at detoxifying your liver, kidneys, and blood. Coriander helps to eliminate trace metals such as mercury.

Turmeric is beneficial in improving your lung function to effectively supply your skin cells with oxygen. Curcumin, turmeric, and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm inflamed, itchy skin. Fenugreek seeds are also effective at reducing inflammation in the skin and are particularly beneficial to the scalp, helping to encourage healthy hair.

A New Beginning

Drinking Ayurveda tea can help to improve the quality of your life. The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company has a delicious range of ayurvedic tea. You can buy loose tea from this convenient online tea and coffee shop, but look out for the regular tea bag offers that could save you even more money.

The teas’ herbs and spices are packed with vitamins and minerals that have been used since ancient times to help promote good health. And now it’s easier than ever to follow Lord Dhanvantari’s advice through buying your loose leaf tea or tea bags from the Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company online shop.