Online shopping offers convenience as you can make purchases in the comfort of your seat. However, this convenience can be your undoing and may cause you to make impulse purchases or buy items that you do not need. Shopping addiction is a compulsive behavior where you purchase without proper planning. If you are already addicted, here are some important tips to help you manage your spending.

How Do You Know You are Addicted

How do you differentiate between running for great deals online and addictions? Most shopaholics feel a ‘high’ when they buy items online or when they find an online voucher. They may sometimes exhibit maniac-like behaviors.

Unfortunately, this happiness is short-lived. After bagging coupon deals or making huge purchases, they start to regret spending too much. Besides, they are always anxious about their loved ones’ reactions and may hide their purchases from them. In the end, they end up feeling the guilt but cannot stop buying. Sometimes, you end up buying things that you cannot afford just for the good feeling.

How Do You Curb Shopping Addiction

Your first step to beating the addiction is accepting that you are addicted. The earlier you put that in mind, the better you will perform in managing it. Here are other tips.

Unsubscribe from Retailer Emails

Online retailers are good at crafting sales emails such that you feel the need to buy. They will send you online coupons and discounted offers while at the same time making the products irresistible. Even when you have promised yourself not to buy, you will end up clicking that offer button. Therefore, you should unsubscribe from all retailer emails. You can do this by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the sales email that they send you.

Get a Distraction

Some people are always on the internet to look for the latest coupon code or sale event. Over time, it becomes a past time activity that you cannot stop. Coupon deals are good, but you end up spending a lot on items you do not really need.

You can break this cycle by getting your mind off the internet when you are free. Instead, you can go with physical activities such as visiting a museum on free days, riding a bike, doing some fitness exercises, walking outdoors and relaxing on a beach. If you cannot go out, consider playing with the dog or reading a book.

Take Up “Shop Your Closet Challenge”

One of the things that most people shop regularly is clothing. You will find various brands for less and online coupons in various fashion stores. If you have been buying clothing, you bet there are tens of clothes that have not been won in the last few weeks.

In your overflowing wardrobe, shop out these pieces and start wearing them. You will be amazed that you can have clothing that can last for months when just wearing each outfit once. Be creative in your outfit combinations so that you feel good about it.

Declutter Your Home

If you are running for every online voucher that comes your way, you have hundreds of items and clothing that you do not really need. As aid earlier, you may be feeling guilty after looking at all the items that you have amassed, yet you do not use most of them. To get rid of these emotions, you need to dispose of all the items you do not really need.

It would help if you also got rid of this notion that you need to replace all the items that you sell or donate. The truth is the opposite. You declutter so that you only remain with items that you really need. It is also an excellent way to make money by selling those items that are still in good shape. Besides, it also gives you room to breathe and start making responsible financial decisions.

Change the Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in our choices in life. It does not matter whether it is your friends, co-workers, or the neighborhood. All these things have stimuli that influence how you behave. While you cannot control all the aspects of the environment, there are a few that you can deal with.

For example, if your friends are always discussing the latest voucher codes, you are less likely to stop looking for them. If you always talk about the great deals you found when relaxing with your buddies, you will keep looking for more. Deal with this by spending less time with these friends or dropping them altogether.

Make Yourself Wait

Most of the compulsive shoppers buy an unplanned item just because it came up on the internet with a discount they saw a coupon code or offers that looked great deals on particular items. If you let the initial excitement die down, you may be able to make a better decision on whether to buy the item or not.

Give yourself a mandatory waiting time before you can purchase items online. The waiting period should be at least 24 hours. However, if you are really incapable of managing your impulse buying, extend the waiting period to at least 72 hours. If you do not really need the item, you will end up not buying it at all. On the other hand, if you must buy, consider brands for less to save more.

Start Managing Your Spending

If you have problems when it comes to online shopping, you also have problems with your finances. You need to tackle the root cause of the problem and start using your finances responsibly. If you have some credit card balances, you need to come up with a way of paying off the debt.

It would help if you did the same for any hire purchase arrangements you have made. There are various methods of consolidating debt and paying up. For example, you may start with the smallest, largest loan with the highest interest and pay up. You may also use the snowball method.

Once you have dealt with the debts, it may be time to forge your spending plan. Start by closing off several credit cards and remain with a few that you only use in case of an emergency. When it comes to shopping, create a list beforehand of the items that you need.

Then, you may check if these voucher codes available for the items. If you are buying from UAE, you may check for an Amazon UAE promo code to lower your final cost. Besides, review your spending each month and take the necessary remedial steps. This helps you fight the recurring triggers.