Don’t pull punches when designing your ad creatives — it’s really important!

If your ad creatives are poorly designed, no one will notice your ads.

Your audience will either scroll through it or ridicule you if it’s THAT awful. (You wouldn’t want both for your brand, of course.)

To succeed in your ad campaigns, you need to have a clear understanding of how crucial ad creatives are.

Some entrepreneurs underestimate the value of their ads’ designs, often leading to them getting abysmal results out of their ad campaigns.

Companies who invest in reliable ad creative agencies to ensure their paid ad campaigns and ad designs are spot-on; however, they get loads of conversions.

To help you understand how crucial ad creatives are, let’s check out how ad creatives can make or break your online business.

1. Ad creatives can generate loads of audience engagement.

When your ad creatives are catchy, it can stir your audience to engage with you.

It prompts them to comment, share, or even tag their connections — all of which can open opportunities to generate more sales.

The more engagements you get, the more trustworthy your ad becomes since it’s validated by the number of engagement counts it garnered from real people.

This all happens if, and only IF, your ad creatives catch the attention of your audience.

If your ads are designed poorly, it will be ignored.

You can’t benefit from getting engagements, mentions, or inquiries — all because your ads are ignored.

The worst part is, you’ll still be billed for your ads.

That means you’re losing money while people continue to ignore your ad.

2. Ad creatives help you get more sales.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re running ads to direct your audience to your landing pages to influence them to buy.

You’re on the right track.

In fact, according to Google, for every $1 spent on Google ads, businesses earn an average ROI of $2.

The numbers highlight the efficacy of paid ads when it comes to generating sales.

By running paid ads, you can be certain that your method of generating sales is reliable — you just need to make sure your ad creatives catch your audience’s attention and compel them to click.

Consider these tips for creating eye-catching and compelling ad creatives that generate clicks and sales.

  • Balance design through a hierarchy

Designing banner ads heavily rely on how your visual and copy balance and complement each other.

At its core, the three basic elements your banner should include are your graphic design, your value proposition, and your CTA (call-to-action).

  • Keep design simple

Keep your design direct and simple, but still interesting. It only takes one second for viewers to look at your ads, so make it count.

  • Be strategic about CTA button’s placement

Not all banners suit having buttons, but if it does, it often increases the click-through rate of your ad.

If you’re going to use one, make sure that you place it on the lower right side after your copy in good contrasting colors. While this may change depending on your ads’ design, for the most part, this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

  • Use effective banner ad sizes

The size of your ad also affects the performance of your banner.

According to Google AdSense, the most effective standard banner sizes are:

    • 728×90px or “Leaderboard”
    • 300×600px or “Half Page”
    • 300×250px or “Medium Rectangle”
    • 336×280px or “Large Rectangle”

3. Your ad creative can lower your ad cost.

The more relevant and on point your ads are, the lesser your ad costs will be.

How does that happen?

Companies such as Facebook and Google have native ad features that rate your ads. For Facebook, this is called your relevance score. A better relevance score means a cheaper fee for your ad.

To measure your relevance score, Facebook rates your ad across these three dimensions:

  • Quality ranking: how your ads’ quality compares with other ads for the same audience
  • Engagement rate ranking: how your ads’ expected engagement rate compares with other ads for the same audience
  • Conversion rate ranking: how your ads’ expected conversion rate compares with ads with the same audience and optimization goal

These metrics are meant to ensure your ad creatives have the quality to attract, engage, and convert your audience.

Aiming for a relevance score of 7-10 is ideal. Otherwise, you’ll be charged more.

This further emphasizes the need for businesses to be mindful of their ad creatives.

4. Ad creatives generate clicks.

According to a study by Consumer Acquisition, images are responsible for 75-90% of an ad’s performance.

This highlights how important images are.

Despite that, most businesses aren’t meticulous about choosing their ads’ images.

To drive more clicks to your ad creatives, here are some tips that you can do:

  • Avoid stock photos

What’s great with stock photos is that it offers good quality images for free. However, some stock photos have that ‘staged’ look that you should avoid.


It doesn’t feel authentic.

You can bet your audience felt the same awkward and fake vibe that you felt when you saw the stock photos.

  • Leverage color contrast

The goal is to grab your audience’s attention. Choose colors and contrasts that influence your audience to look at your ads.

A light background mixed with bright-colored hues at the forefront makes your ad pop more.

Remember that the image you show will greatly influence your whole ad and your audience’s experience. Choose carefully.

What’s next?

Never underestimate the power of a carefully designed ad creative.

It helps you generate clicks, audience engagement, lower your costs, increase your brand awareness, etc.

There is so much to gain from having an amazing ad creative, while you have the world to lose with a poorly designed one.

If you have questions, tips, or ideas you’d like to share about the importance of ad creatives, share ‘em in the comments section below. Cheers!