A person spends 3 or more years completing their bachelor’s degree, doing all the course work, going through final year projects, studying all night, and completing the assignments. Well, completing a bachelor’s degree is not an easy task, after graduation, you can see the world full of choices, and indeed there are many, like whether to go for an MBA or JD. It is difficult to choose between JD vs MBA. After the graduation celebrations are over, you might find yourself a little lost and confused about which direction to go.

There are a number of routes you can take but the hardest part is choosing the right route. Some people have lined up their graduate jobs and some people have a clear mind about what they want to do next, but it is never too late to decide about your future because everyone’s journey will be different. Take some time to consider your future, to decide whether you want to continue your studies or want to join a workforce. You could search for a graduate job, can take admission to the courses you like, enroll in the postgraduate course, or set up your own business.

Take your time in deciding about the future, but decide wisely. Here are some ways to start the new chapter of your life.

Take a gap year

You have been studying for 4 years; you deserve a little break. A gap year can give you the time to decide about the future; you can work from home, you can search for online courses, you can find online jobs, you can go for a part-time job where you can polish your skills and can also earn an income. Many people choose to rest for an entire year and figure out what they want to do next. Maybe you can focus on your hobbies; you can find something new for yourself, you can develop your interest in new things which can help you in your future decisions. Many people go to different cities to do their bachelors; they can spend time with their family in that gap year.

Travel to different places to clear your mind. Learn different languages and cultures. We are living in an era where people prefer those employees who can speak two or more languages; you can learn to play any instrument or learn that sport you loved, you can take admission in short courses which will give you some new skills. These skills can make your resume look great. Have fun in whatever you do while setting yourself up for success in the future. Your gap year activities should be fun but also productive, so you don’t feel like you have wasted a whole year.


Deciding to do an internship after graduation will not be very hard for you. You can get an internship easily after your bachelors; you can earn a little income from it. The most important thing is that you can get the experience of working in a professional workplace that can make your resume stronger. You can try to find internships abroad. Internships can give you work-related skills. No matter what your interest is, there is an internship for everything; you just have to find the one you can do with all your heart and hard work.

Companies need interns to support them and are happy to teach them new skills. Not all internships need to be paid, but you should not reject an internship just because it is not paying you, you can have much more than money from that internship. If you are a recent graduate, then your job search can be tougher without any work experience; doing internships can give you the experience. Internships can help you develop your networks, and you can be social too, which will be a plus point in your professional life. Some people are still unsure of what they want to do for a living; then internships can help you to make the best decision. It gives you financial freedom, which makes it a great option.

Continue your studies

If you can’t bear to say goodbye to your university and want to study more then maybe, it’s not time to leave? You have got one qualification in your resume why not aim for another one? Check out the majors that suit you the best, do your complete research. Post-graduation is not necessary for everyone but if you have done your research and decided to study more then maybe you should go for it. Post-graduation is the route that many people find beneficial for their future and professional life.

Ask your career counselor to help you in deciding about the courses. You can do internships and jobs to save up money for your post-graduation because it can be expensive. There are a lot of choices waiting for you. You can do your major in a subject that you are interested in, it is not necessary to do the major in the same field. There is no age limit to study; if you love to study then keep doing it, you can make your resume stand-out in the piles of other resumes.


If you cannot find your dream job why not create one? Sometimes all you need to do is to think out of the box. If you have a business degree, or you think your final project had the potential that you can make it work then go for it. Many universities offer you help to get started. If you have the idea that can bring a change or you think it can be successful then execute it. Putting your entrepreneurial skills to test can be a smart move. If you decide to be an entrepreneur, you can have multiple advantages.

  • You will be independent to make your own decisions.
  • You will have the flexibility to balance work and family commitments.
  • You will have the freedom to choose your ideas and make your own decisions.
  • You will be your boss.

However, you need to be sure that this is the right decision for you. You will be your boss means you will have tons of responsibilities like providing services, managing the finance, marketing the business, managing the staff and so forth. Don’t be afraid of failure, be confident.

Make the right choice

There are surely a lot of things you can do after your bachelor’s. No person is the same, others might give us a bit of advice but in the end, we should only make decisions with our instincts. Give yourself some time when you are thinking about what to do next. Do not rush into decisions, do your complete research. The tough decision is to decide where to go and what to do and if you can go through with that decision then hey! you can do anything. With an open heart and intentional mind, you are surely going to pick the best for you. Go ahead, do whatever you want to but do it right. Best of luck!