Getting a health insurance plan is a very sensitive issue these days, as the costs can be extremely deterring. If you don’t choose the right one, though, you may end up with a lot of expensive medical bills and get into real trouble. On the other hand, thanks to a thoroughly-chosen insurance plan, you will not only save some money on a monthly basis, but you will also have your mind freed from various different worries. In order to find a plan that will suit you best, you need to spend a lot of time researching your possibilities and monitoring the insurance market, but it’s all worth it. Here’s how medical insurance can make your life way easier.

You don’t have to worry

Even if the level of stress is not that high, it’s enough that you experience it regularly, and it can already do some serious damage to your overall well-being. If you care about your mental health, you really have to get medical insurance. Otherwise, you’ll spend your days worrying, which will lead to you giving up some fun activities (can you imagine skiing when you have no health insurance? Jumping on a trampoline? Even cycling through the city?). It’s not worth sacrificing your health for money, especially if you’re eligible for some special care, and you may be entitled to discounts. For example, if you’re 65 or older, or you have any kind of disability, you can try enrolling into one of Medicare programs:

Your family doesn’t have to worry

With good health insurance, you will not only get help for your family in case of illnesses or other emergencies, but it can also turn out to be very helpful in the event of someone’s sudden and untimely death. Losing a person close to you is tragic enough as it is; unfortunately, very often, the tragedy is followed by financial problems, among which the costs of burial are only the beginning. By buying the right health insurance plan, you can secure the future of your spouse, children, or other people you care about.

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You don’t risk financial problems

Even if you’re as fit as a fiddle right now, you never know what may happen. By living without any health insurance, you take risks every day. Some things, like sudden or serious illnesses (e.g., diabetes, accident, appendicitis, cancer) are impossible to predict nor prevent; you may never get sick, but accidents happen to anyone and, for example, if you break a leg, it can cost you up to $7,500 to fix it, and even $30,000 if you stay in the hospital for only 3 days. Then, when something strikes you, and you’re without any coverage, it may leave you (and your credit history) in ruins. Literally, as medical expenses are the number one cause for people filing for bankruptcy. What’s more, having a healthcare insurance plan regulates your out-of-pocket costs – there’s always a maximum you pay, no matter how high the overall costs get. And there are no limits – nor yearly, nor lifetime.

You have access to preventive and follow-up care

You may not need a doctor to treat your cold, but if you neglect it, even something as minor as a cough and a running nose can develop into something worse. In order to avoid serious complications and expensive long-term hospital stays, you have to take care of your health, and do it with the assistance of a professional. Plus, health insurance covers your annual vaccines and all the checkouts, which help you to stay healthy and gives you more chances of surviving in the case of serious illness. It’s also cheaper if you’re in need of rehab or medical rehabilitation. What’s more, if you get really sick and you need longer treatment, it may be a lot harder to buy a health insurance plan then.

You may be eligible for tax benefits

If you get your medical insurance through your employer, you probably can’t deduct your monthly premiums from the tax, unless your medical expenses exceed 10% of your AGI (adjusted gross income). There are some different reliefs, though, even for specific drugs or services, so it’s best to consult with a professional to have him look at your case individually.

Medical insurance can contribute to the feeling of financial security significantly, therefore make your whole life easier and more stress-free. Even if you’re young and you’ve barely seen doctors in the past, you should at least consider shopping for a health insurance plan. Calculate all the costs, think about yours and your family’s medical history, take into consideration the possibility of any illness or accident – you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s better to pay something monthly than regret not paying later when the medical bill comes.