When driving a car, we all have reasonable anxiety. Indeed, in the event of a car collision, the consequences can be fatal. That is why not everyone is allowed out on the road. Otherwise, the road would turn into a battlefield. Therefore, before entering a public road, all drivers need to be trained in a driving school and must pass a driving test.

But, alas, many newcomers, having received the license, are afraid of the car like fire. Some are afraid to even approach it. At such moments, many people think that they were in vain to study for a license and purchase a car. Do not rush to draw such conclusions. Believe me, hundreds of thousands of drivers have gone through this fear. How can you overcome your fear of driving? This is what we will tell you today.

Why is the fear of driving dangerous?

Of course, if you are panicky afraid to drive, then there is nothing good about it. After all, your fear, and therefore uncertainty, carries enormous risks. The fact is that in addition to knowing the Rules of the Road and the ability to drive a vehicle, the main guarantee of road safety is confidence in your driving abilities. If you do not have confidence in your actions while driving, then there is a panic fear of getting behind the wheel.

How to deal with fear?

There is no single recipe. To understand how to overcome the fear of the car, you need to establish its cause. How can an inexperienced driver overcome their fear of driving?

1. Practice as much as possible

The more experienced you get, the less fear of the road is. Top recommendation: drive every day. Start with driving around the autodrome, get used to driving. After that, go to the less busy suburban roads, and as soon as you start to feel confident – go to the city. To get started, do it in the evenings when there are few cars on the roads, so you get used to driving in an urban environment.

2. Learn Routes

As you learn to drive in an urban setting, memorize the routes that will become basic for you – the way from home to work, study, favorite places of rest. Pay attention to the signs, over time this will help you master the routes so that you will begin to perform all the necessary actions automatically. Do not also forget to study the parking rules on your routes.

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3. Consult a professional

If the fear has a good reason – fear of getting into an accident or fear of malfunction, seek the help of a professional psychotherapist. It is a common experience to cope with the fear that cannot be overcome on your own.

4. Sign up for emergency or extreme driving courses

The best way to overcome the fear of getting into an accident and the fear of emergency situations with a car are the courses of emergency and extreme driving. A person who has taken such courses gains self-confidence by mastering the skills of preventing accidents and understanding that the right actions can reduce damage or even cope with any situation.

Other ways to deal with fear

5. “Pair riding”

Will have a positive effect on overcoming the fear of “pair riding”. Do not hesitate to take an experienced driver with you on your trips, who will sit next to you and help you with advice at the right times. Over time, you will feel more confident and you will understand when the moment comes to get behind the wheel alone.

6. Hang up the sign

Even if you are far from a beginner, hang a “novice driver” sign on your rear window. So, you will make other road users be more attentive and patient with you.

There is nothing difficult in overcoming the fear of driving. The main thing is to define the reason for yourself clearly for its appearance and consistently fight this phobia.