Now we have all heard how dangerous the internet can be because of the cyberbullies, online scammers and the inappropriate content. But there is always a way to male things safe for children and in case of the internet. The parents can make it safe in two ways

Parental Control Apps

There is a multitude of apps like FamiSafe which help you track the activities of your child in the virtual world. They also inform you if someone threatens your child on the internet and if they are watching any sort of inappropriate content

Teachings kids about being safe online

Prevention is always better, hence one of the best preventive measures a parent can do before they open the doors of the virtual world to their kids is to teach them how to use the internet carefully. This also counts of teaching them that they should never give out their information to anyone unless they approve it. Also, parents should assure their children that they can come to them with any of their problems rather than being scared of the outcome.

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Benefits a child can avail from the internet

Once you have equipped your child with enough safety measures, now they can reap off the multiple benefits this medium of internet offers to the children of generation Z


Now when we wanted to research something specific we had to go through a lot of material before we could reach the final result. But with the invention of the internet, today’s youth can type a few keywords and they would get their required information from all over the world

Practice test

Students who are preparing for their exams can take these practice tests available on the internet to evaluate their preparation. Also, their papers can be evaluated virtually saving them the time of doing it all by themselves.

Detached learning

When we were students we traveled all over the world to learn different skills. But today’s children can learn those same skills sitting at home by online learning. This saves them the time and money which they would otherwise need for traveling to that place.

Swift communication

The internet has opened doors for swift communication and today’s children sitting in one place can be in contact with their peers and teachers anytime they need.

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Online classes

Now children don’t need to be always physically present in the schoolroom to take classes with the invention of the internet they can take their classes from anywhere they are in the world

Explore their creativity

With the invention of the internet, children can experience and learn about different things. They can explore how far their hobby can take them or learn new techniques from the internet. Many people learned things from the internet and are now successfully putting it to use in the professional world.

Updated news/content

Subjects like those of social science need to be updated constantly and new information comes out every day. Internet with its ability to get information from anywhere around the world helps the students keep them updated.

With a few precautions from the parent’s side, the children can use the internet to do some amazing things that often end up surprising us. Also, wishing that we had the same tool.