Not every online slot player thinks about how difficult their creation is. This is usually the joint work of programmers, web-designers, marketers, mathematicians, and other people. Creating a video slot can be compared to assembling a car – many models may have identical parts, but completely different results. Let’s take a closer look at how online slot machines are created.

The Process of Creation

Can you imagine that it takes about a year to create one high-quality slot? During this time, the Hollywood film studio can release one, or even several films. To speed up the production process, developers use their templates and feature sets. You can often find the same slot functions and mechanics in different games of the same developer. For example, the slot machine from Gameburger Studios “9 Masks of Fire” uses the same mechanics as “9 Pots of Gold” and several others. By the way, you can play 9 Masks of Fire here. Below are described the basic steps of slot machines creation:

1. Approval of the concept

Initially, the creators approve the main idea of ​​the machine – they discuss the topic, improve, and concretize it. In order not to copy existing products, they study similar ideas and figure out how to make their brainchild memorable.

2. Design development

It often happens that the first images of future slots appear well before the launch. This is because the development team comes up with symbols, color schemes, bonuses, main characters, and so on at the first stages.

3. Basic calculations

At this stage, developers decide how often winnings will be paid, their size, the mechanism of bonus activation, and so on. The dispersion rate is also determined at this stage: low, average, or high. In the first case, the winnings are small but frequent. An average dispersion rate is an equal amount of high and low rewards. A high dispersion applies maximum wins with a small number of successful spins.

4. Random number generator (RNG)

RNG algorithms operate according to special rules. These figures are controlled by independent organizations that issue a license that proves the fairness of the game. The developers do not share the details of their RNG for security reasons. After all, this is the main element that ensures the randomness of wins and losses.

Even after the slot machine has already been launched, the developer can make some changes to it. This is due to the emergence of new platforms, browsers, operating systems, as well as the adaptation to the requirements of new jurisdictions.

In Conclusion

The success of any video slot depends on many factors: the reaction of players and their number indicates that the developers applied the right tactics and released a high-quality product. Nowadays, it is possible not only to get acquainted with the most interesting slot machines but also to win good money while having a great time. Enjoy!