Social media presence is everything nowadays, with many people trying very hard to establish a solid social media following to use their platform for specific purposes. For example, some want to inspire with their social media posts, while others want to use their platform to sell products and services for a business they might have.

Whatever purpose you may have, having a solid following on social media, particularly on Instagram, is vital to achieving your goals. However, it can be challenging for some people to gain traction, so they rely on websites that allow people to buy likes and followers from them to boost their social media presence.

Here are the seven best sites for buying Instagram likes and followers according to The Jerusalem Post.

List of top sites to buy Instagram likes & followers in 2021

SocialNinja – Fast and Cheap

SocialNinja offers real and high-quality followers for your Instagram account. Their slogan, “We change the social media game for you, at a fingertip,” is perfect as they offer various plans ideal for every need. Their rates start at $5.99 for 500 likes, and they can go up to 5000 likes for only $39.99.

For followers, they charge $3.99 for 250 followers, which can go up to 10,000 followers for $74.99. These are real Instagram users liking and following you, so it can be a great thing because bots do nothing these days.

GrowLikes – Great for Starters

GrowLikes used to offer fast delivery, high-quality service for more affordable price points. For example, you can easily buy 1,000 Twitter followers from them for only $6.89. However, there is no active website for GrowLikes these days, and their Twitter account was last managed in 2015. It was a perfect site for starters who wanted to have a headstart in the social media game.

SocialFollow – Free Instagram Followers

Unlike the first two sites, SocialFollow offers free Instagram likes and followers to their clients efficiently. However, some people are not satisfied with the results they got from SocialFollow because they were of low quality. While the website has excellent and safe features, SocialFollow is not the best option, and we might ask you to consider shelling out money for your social media following.

SocialCircle – Connects Brands to Influencers

While we do not know if they offer buying followers and likes as part of their social media management packages, SocialCircle connects brands with their pool of nano-influencers that are perfect for their niches. This provides their clients with a following directed towards their place since the influencers work closely with them for their niche.


Social media strategies and promotions sit at the heart of MediaMister. They are skilled and experienced in handling brands and boosting their social media following to give them an edge against the competition. Aside from offering likes and followers, they provide different packages perfect for your budget, dedicated support, and a money-back guarantee if they fail to boost your brand awareness or social media following.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta provides free Instagram followers that offer targeted high-quality likes. Using a follow-for-follow system, these users follow you in exchange for you following them. This is mutualism exhibited in social media. What’s remarkable here is that you do not risk losing money from fake likes, and you can see this as an organic way of building your social media following.


Lastly, this website offers top-quality service without compromising your data privacy. They will never ask for your password, but they will guarantee that you receive the following that you deserve, based on the services you availed with them.

Tips for Buying Instagram Likes Discreetly​​

However, social media platforms tend to punish people who buy followers and likes. Because of that, everyone has to be discreet in buying Instagram likes and followers for their social media accounts.

Here are some tips that you must follow when discreetly buying Instagram likes:

  • Buy from the right company. Actual companies offering Instagram likes and followers have real people behind those accounts. That way, Instagram can see it as organic likes and not be suspected as bots. This will also prevent your account from getting tagged by violating specific regulations about followers.
  • Do not trust “free” sites. Usually, these sites offering free likes and followers offer bots or low-quality followers, which can harm and affect your algorithm and monetization of your account. Instagram can even flag you for having bots as followers, which can cause your account to be suspended or banned indefinitely.

Signs of Fake Followers

However, there are still signs that your followers are fake. It would be best if you took action on this as soon as possible, as too many counterfeit followers can cause your page to be flagged for violating Community Guidelines. In addition, fake followers will not bring you the engagement and interactions you are looking for since they are manufactured and rarely interact with your posts.

Here are some signs that you have fake followers on your Instagram account.

  • Minimal profile information. These include not having a profile photo or a profile photo being of an object or someone else. They might not have names either, and their usernames might not make sense since they are many alphanumeric characters with no meaning.
  • Little to no posts. If a profile has no posts at all or has posted ubiquitous pictures with or without captions, there is a chance that you have a fake follower on your list.
  • Unusual engagement rates. If the profile you have been suspecting has unusually low or high engagements, chances are this account is a fake one, and it is being used to follow accounts by third parties.
  • Generic interactions. You can easily spot a fake follower if they do not comment that much on your account, and if they do, they might comment irrelevant ones far from your posts. However, some real followers do not comment on other peoples’ posts, but you get the point.

Spotting these fake followers can help you take action on what you have to do to avoid getting your profile banned or suspended for violations of Community Guidelines.

What is an excellent like-follower ratio for Instagram?

A good ratio that you should watch out for is 1:2. It is best to have twice your followers’ numbers for your algorithm to work in your favor.

Risks of Buying Instagram Likes & Followers

While buying Instagram likes and followers for your social media page is legal, there are risks when you do so. Knowing these risks should prepare you for the next steps if things get worse.

Here are some risks of buying Instagram likes and followers.

  • It makes your engagements look terrible. When you have a million followers but you do not have more than a thousand likes per post, it would make your numbers look bad and if new followers see that, they can easily suspect that you are buying Instagram likes and followers.
  • New followers get turned off. It is a turn-off for new followers if they find out that you buy followers and likes. It does not make you look more credible and trustworthy, especially if your platform informs people of everything they must know about your niche or interests. People nowadays can easily find out if an influencer or someone else with a considerable following buys followers and likes from third parties.
  • Instagram will never forgive you. As mentioned before, accounts that buy followers and likes are usually flagged by Instagram for breaking or violating Community Guidelines. At first, you will get a warning, but if Instagram finds out you have been doing this repeatedly, they will make sure you will never do it again. They do this by suspending your account, or worse, banning your account.
  • Fake followers bring no monetization. If you aim to monetize your account with your followers, you cannot do that if your account has many bought followers. Brands nowadays check your engagement rates and your basic information before offering a proposal to work with you. If you have lots of paid followers, brands would never want to work with you because they will not benefit from your collaboration, anyway.

Tips for Growing Your IG Account Organically

The only way to have real engagement, better algorithms, and higher monetization opportunities is to grow your Instagram account organically.

Contrary to popular belief, growing your account organically is easy. According to Forbes magazine, here are some tips that you can follow to get more organic followers for your Instagram account.

  • Try out hosting giveaways. Hosting giveaways now and then helps your brand to gain some traction, especially if you are using your Instagram account to sell products and services that you offer. When you offer giveaways, your engagement rates go higher, and thus it makes your account more visible to other followers and users.
  • Collaborations with brands or influencers. This is one of the best ways to gain followers. If you are a business, reaching out to influencers doing your niches can be very helpful in making your brand gain awareness from it. If you are an influencer, a brand that trusts you makes your followers more committed to following you since you are working with a business.
  • Promoting other influencers. This works on a system of gratitude because when you promote other influencers, they would feel a sense of thankfulness towards your efforts to promote them to promote you back to their followers. You can be at an advantage in this one, especially if you become friends with them. They can easily promote you to their followers without any hesitation.


Buying likes and followers on Instagram has its pros and cons. You will see a boost in your following, but this is not the right solution in the long run. With Instagram being more strict with its guidelines, those who use fake followers are punished by getting their accounts suspended or banned. Thus, organically building your following on Instagram is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get 1k followers on Instagram?

By posting relevant content regularly, timing your posts, putting the right hashtags, interacting with your followers, and creating engaging content, you will get a thousand followers or more on Instagram.

Does Instagram delete fake followers?

According to Medium, yes. Instagram’s new update allows them to detect fake followers from the site and automatically delete them. However, if you depend on bought likes and followers, it can affect you by seeing your following go down. So you have to make sure that your followers are organically grown to avoid affecting your following.

Are likes better than followers?

Likes are part of the engagement, so if you have more followers with more attention, that could mean algorithms will be your friends, and monetization is just a step away. Brands nowadays focus more on influencers’ engagement rates than followers to see which influencers would bring the best profit.

How much do likes matter on Instagram?

Yes. Instagram has likes as an integral part of its engagement, as they play a massive role in the algorithms of your followers and those who you are following too.