Birthdays are a special occasion. Whether it is of your friend, your special someone or any other loved one, it always remains a special occasion. And when we talk about birthdays, no birthday party is complete without a gift. However, selecting a birthday gift is an uphill task.

For example, your mother might love mystery novel books. But getting a book that she already has might not be a good idea. In the meantime, giving someone a gift according to a tentative guess might not be a good idea.

The only gift that you can give without thinking twice has to be flowers. It will not be a duplicate, and indeed, nothing can be replaced with a bouquet of fresh flowers. You can take them along or choose to get them delivered via reliable florists like Pearsons Florist.

However, these specific tips might help you in selecting the right flower boutique. The tips are listed below to help you choose the right bunch of flowers.

Opt For Flower of the Month

Did you know that every month has a flower associated with it? The idea is to give flowers with the associated month. For instance, carnations are considered as an ideal option for people having a birthday in January. Similarly, daises are perfect for April birthdays, and lilies are perfect for birthdays in May.

Opt for Flowers Offering Symbolism

When selecting flowers for your friends and family, take a look back at occasions where you gift them to your loved ones. For instance, you might have given gerberas to your sister. In turn, you can start the tradition to provide gerberas every year to your sister.

If your mother loves pink roses, opt for a unique bouquet of pink roses for her birthday every year. You can opt for mixing the types of flowers. Such in case lilies are expensive. So, you can mix them up with daises or gerberas and give them to your loved ones.

Give Your Loved One Their Favorite Color

Everyone has a favorite color that they like more than others. If you are aware of their choice and liking, opt for flowers in that color. For instance, if your grandmother likes yellow color, you can pick up flowers in yellow. You can opt for daffodils, yellow lilies, or yellow gerberas.

If you aren’t particular about your choice and don’t know which color to look for, opt for bright and cheerful colors. You can select a cheerful arrangement for your loved one. For instance, opt for happy colors, including yellow, pink, orange, purple, etc.

However, one must not opt for a flower that sends the wrong message. For example, red roses are linked with romance. Therefore, it might be awkward if you gift them to your casual friend. However, the yellow rose points at friendship. Consequently, it might be the correct choice.

Additionally, don’t give yellow carnations to any of your friends. They hint at disappointments and rejection. Similarly, oranges point at hate, whereas petunias indicate anger or hatred.

To Opt For A Vase Or Not?

Most of the time, online delivery flowers don’t include a vase, except as an additional product. For people who are tight on budget, it seems a perfect idea is not having it. However, it would help if you looked for a vase in a flower bouquet- well, that depends.

In addition, if you are delivering flowers someplace, it might be an ideal choice to include a vase. They might not have a vase in hand for display. This is the same for your loved one. Therefore, the best thing is to opt for a vase for a flower bouquet.

Further, in case you buy flowers for your significant other, now and then, you can opt for other vases from the selection. However, if you are up for delivering it on your own, you can opt for a vase from another shop as per your loved one choice.

Add Extra Items

You can opt for some additional items to include in your flower bouquet as a birthday present. When you order a flower bouquet, have a card. Write some wishes, and wish them wholeheartedly. Include your name too.

Additionally, quite a few options are available alongside a card. The common picks to include in a flower bouquet are:


A bright color balloon bouquet or a single color balloon is the perfect addition to your bouquet. It is eye-catching. Additionally, it is fun in the workplace when whole office attention is on you.


Who hates sweet tooth? It’s better to indulge in a sweet tooth at any time of the day. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a whole box of chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a whole cake. However, don’t opt-in case someone is on a diet too.

Stuffed animals:

Unless you are giving it to a child, this can be misconstrued. For an adult, it comes as childish. It’s better to know their reaction at first. However, if you aren’t aware of this, make sure to stay clear.

Birthday gifts are unique. And to make it more special, opt for a flower bouquet. There are several types and choices available. Therefore, make sure you opt for something that catches your eye. Look at the tips listed above, and gift a flower bouquet to your loved one.