The esports industry is at its peak right now. Game studios create top-quality and hardware-hungry games. While updating their computers, users often take care of buying new parts for the system unit, ignoring accessories that are equally important for a comfortable game — gaming keyboards, controllers, and headphones. The headphones deserve special attention because high-quality sound with good noise reduction plays an important role when playing any game.

What Are the Features of a Gaming Headset?

This accessory has unique characteristics designed for gaming. Therefore, the selection criteria here are completely different from those of conventional headphones for music. You won’t be able to enjoy the perfect sound of classic or rock songs with gaming headphones. However, the slightest sounds are heard in them: whispers, quiet steps, rustle of bushes, grinding of metal, and other game sound effects. The key task of a gaming headset is to make the player’s experience in the virtual world super-realistic, and the sound — clear and spacious. These criteria, for example, are met by the TBI Pro gaming headset, which can be found at

What Should You Pay Attention to?

Criteria for choosing a gaming headset are the following:

  1. Frequency range. The standard range is suitable — 20 to 20,000 Hz. It is not worth investing in and looking for something unique here;
  2. Impedance. The higher the value, the better the sound quality. The optimal value for a gaming accessory is 32 Ohm;
  3. Volume. Experienced users are advised to buy headphones with a sound level of about 100 dB;
  4. Harmonic distortion. In budget models, it does not exceed 15%. In the luxury accessories — 0.1 – 0.5%. In a top headset — no more than 0.2%. The lower the number, the less wheezing, echo, and other distortions.
  5. Wire length. If you decide to buy wired headphones, take care of the sufficient length of the wire. The optimal length is 2 meters.
  6. The presence of a microphone. This is a mandatory item in the list of criteria for choosing gaming accessories.
  7. Simulation of surrounding sounds. This function is available in USB models with a built-in 9.1 level sound feature. With its help, the effect of presence is easily created.

Which Gaming Headphones to Buy — Wired or Wireless?

When it comes to comfort, the wireless option undeniably wins. A wired headset for a computer is connected via USB. Good models with built-in audio for crisp surround sound. Accessories with mini-Jack input do not have this advantage.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones work at a distance of 10 meters and provide a good connection quality. The second option is a headset with a radio connection. Their working range is about 100 meters, but the operating time without recharging is limited to 4 hours. The wireless accessory will require charging after a few hours of gaming.

Choosing a gaming headset is challenging but exciting. It is worth remembering that comfortable gaming sessions on any platform require not only high-end hardware but also high-quality sound.