As a student, you don’t always get to party every day as exams and projects do take their toll. The preparation for the important tests, gym, part-time job, hanging out with friends – one is literally doomed to be up on their feet the whole day. But what one can do to mix and match it so you still have a few precious hours to oneself and oneself only? Here go our tips.

Learn to Manage Your Workflow

There is no skill more valuable than the time and workload management partly because we live in a hectic past-pacing society, party because we have way more desires and dreams we need to fulfill here and now. Mastering the navigation across your assignments with ease is the top priority for you when at college, as this is one of the most needed things you should be acing after graduation. So what can help with this?

  • Management tools and task trackers. These are not your grandma’s schedule and paper planner (although they do have their place to be). When paired with technology, management tools make your life easier and keep you out of trouble of missing the deadline. Plus, they are all smartphone compatible, so you are in full control of your tasks all the time.
  • Batch and do. This is a technique when you divide some assignments into little steps (groups) and deal with them one step at a time. Multitasking is proved to be ineffective while solving an issue step by step has its result very soon.
  • Management literature. There are a lot of books on time management, and they all can be effective for making you more focused on what’s needed to do. The thing is that your focus lasts as long as you read the book, so the advice that many authors give is don’t try to finish the text overnight. This is the one you should read as long as you can and see how many things you have done to free a couple of hours for yourself.
  • Use the deadline calendar. If you lack inner motivation, the deadlines can substitute it at some point. The point is that you should know all of them to avoid the assignment clogging and begging for a sudden merciful release of death. In case you don’t want to use any tools designed for students, you can set the deadlines on your regular calendar. Tip: put it 1-2 days earlier, so you have a few extra days in case something goes not as planned.

Delegate Tasks You Don’t Need / Don’t Have Time For

Not every assignment needs your close attention and participation, especially if it has nothing to do with your major/future career. Think of it: if you already have a part-time job at the company you like, wouldn’t it be better to go an extra mile for them and ask someone to do an assignment for you? You can ask your friend, google “write my essay for me cheap UK”, or buy the ready-made one, and you know what? That’ll be way better than missing an opportunity to show the best quality you have for the employer. After all, this is risk management and investment planning you have a possibility to apply in real life.

Stick to the Plan

You know you can save yourself a couple of hours when you do what you plan to do when you plan to do it. Indeed, there are a lot of temptations around: phone’s beeping with messages, friend’s invite for a walk, cleaning the house just to get an excuse that you do some work… In this case, create some rewards or treats you can have if you complete everything on time: you can have an extra ice-cream or extra hour of watching Netflix, or something else that you usually don’t allow yourself. In this case, your motivation will be higher, and in the long run, you’ll manage to tick the list items done.

Collaborate with Your Peers

There is nothing more fun (and time-saving) than working on the project with your classmates. Collaboration always saves a lot of time, troubles, and money, and if you don’t want to take it from us, take it from this Harvard Business Review article. Of course, the process involves some preparation and responsibility, but you will have to deal with a particular part of the assignment, not all of it. Why can it be a time-saver? For one reason, you’ll have a part of the task to do and it means your focus is narrowed and it gives you a direction to go. For another, there is more chance you do better research than if you were given the whole thing. Conclusion? Grab your friends, divide the task, and watch you do it in a few hours. We bet you know what to do with the remaining time.

Don’t Skip Preparation

It doesn’t matter what you deal with – project, test, or thesis – a thorough preparation and organization can be a game-changer in the way you deal with the task. It’s not by chance that the people say 50% of success lies in the quality of preparation and organization of what you plan to do. For instance, attending the class on Victorian literature will probably give you a good intro to the paper on Dickens’ writing. In this way, you kill 2 birds: you don’t skip a class, and you have just enough information to use for the introduction without further reading.

Keep Track of Success

Being consistent with completing something on time elevates your self-esteem and motivates you to do more as you see you can do it. Keep a record for your success stories on a weekly basis and watch how your procrastination goes away by itself. After all, perfection has no limits, so you have plenty of opportunities to become better than you were yesterday. A little good side effect: you’ll have those few hours free just as you planned.

Saving oneself a couple of hours doesn’t necessarily have to involve skipping your assignments or “forgetting” tasks – one can easily have more free time by organizing one’s workload, efficient planning, and collaboration with the colleagues. The good thing? It won’t be too boring to become a pro in time management, and it will bring its dividends very soon. Well, you can always consider online college for an easier time management.