woman putting makeup in front of mirror

Whether you are a female or male, skin care is very important nowadays. The pollution rate is very high in urban areas. The natural moisture in our skin is fading away. Our daily skin care products contain chemicals that harm the skin more. It is very important to start an organic skincare routine. Natural skin care products don’t contain any harmful chemicals but only natural ingredients. You will see the difference after routinely using it. In this blog, we will discuss how to create the best natural skincare routine. Keep reading.

1. Cleanse with organic products 

Cleaning your face with good products is very important. Nowadays, face wash or face gel contains harsh chemicals which destroy the texture of our skin. So why not try organic skin care items for your regular cleanse? First, it is important to determine your skin type. Different type of skin requires different treatment.

Dry skin –  Using chemical-based products on dry skin can make your skin drier. You can use castor oil or olive oil to remove your makeup and skin dirt. Wipe the face with a cotton ball. Then use the paste of gram four and milk or yogurt for double cleaning. 

Oily skin – For oily skin, you can use coconut oil to remove the dirt and then use Multani mitti for a good cleansing. 

Acne-prone skin – Apple cider vinegar can unclog the dirt and makeup from your skin. It can make your pores smooth and reduce the acne problem. After that, you can apply Multani mitti or gram flour with rose water. It will help to reduce the dark spots.

2. Exfoliate with natural ingredients 

Stop using synthetic items for exfoliation. They cut your skin. Use organic skin care products for gentle exfoliation. 

Dry skin – A mixture of sugar and olive oil can be a good exfoliator for dry skin. Exfoliate in circular motions to clean the dead skins. Use this twice or thrice a week to get results.

Acne-prone skin – You know coffee can be a good exfoliator? Use coffee along with honey as a scrub. Coffee can clean your pores and cause no harm to already reigning acnes.

Oily skin –  Sea salt, along with olive oil, is best for oily skin. Use this twice a week. And don’t forget to exfoliate in a circular motion. 

3. Natural face mask

Synthetic face masks can give your skin a bad blow. Why not use natural face masks?

Dry skin – People with dry skin can use honey masks regularly or try using yogurt along with turmeric. It will give you a glow.

Oily skin – For oily skin, you should use a mask containing Multani Mitti, lemon, and turmeric. The oily texture will reduce a lot.

Acne-prone skin – Nothing can beat a mask of Gram flour and lemon as a face mask for Acne prone skin. Acne-prone skins have a lot of dark circles and open pores. This will surely reduce those marks.

4. Moisturise to give a shine to your face 

Natural moisturizer is a blessing for people who have skin problems all year. Use organic skin care products to moisturize your skin.

Dry skin – People with dry skin can use olive oil daily at night. It will surely reduce your dryness. The dead cells will also get removed. You can use Shea butter and Argan oil. The dry texture will surely improve.

Oily skin – Coconut oil and Almond oil is best for oily skin type. It will not make your skin greasy and will retain its shine also. Oily skin types already have enough oil in them, so it’s better not to make them greasy.

Acne-prone skin  – Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera gel, and Almond oil are good for Acne prone skin. This will not cause your acne to grow more. Use Aloe Vera gel before going to sleep and wash it in the morning. Acne-prone skin requires a lot of care than other skin types.


Follow all these above-mentioned skincare routines to make your skin glow more. You may not notice the changes quickly, but daily usage will surely improve your skin a lot. Hope this blog will help you with skin issues.