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It is good to be optimistic in life. However, it can be tough to take a glass-half-full approach while tackling something as complicated as the divorce process. Besides the emotional upheaval, a divorce can do permanent damage to your financial standing from which you may never recover.

Many people recognize how unnecessarily expensive and emotionally draining a long-drawn divorce can be. And because of this, they opt for ways to avoid litigation. If you live in Ohio, you too can lower your cost of divorce by taking a faster, more economical approach.

Ways of getting a divorce in Ohio

In Ohio, there are three main ways of getting a divorce.

  • Dissolution of marriage:

Here, both spouses agree, not just about getting a divorce but also about all the terms and conditions of separation, including child custody, child support, alimony, property division, etc. The dissolution of marriage can only take place if there are no unresolved conflicts between the divorcing spouses. In other words, it has to be an uncontested divorce to separate from your spouse through dissolution.

  • Divorce:

If either or both the spouses are contesting any aspects of the separation, it is considered a contested divorce. From not wanting to separate to conflicts over property division, anything can lead to a court-litigated contested divorce.

  • Annulment:

An annulment can be taken as a course to separate if the marriage was not legal. An annulment declares the marriage, retrospectively null and void, stating that the “marriage” was illegal and never existed. A request for annulment can be filed if one of the spouses was underage when the marriage took place, or either spouse deceived the other or entered the union involuntarily or was coerced into it.

Which is the quickest way of getting a divorce in Ohio?

The fastest manner of getting a divorce is through the dissolution of marriage. Therefore, you must find a way to reach a middle ground with your spouse on the terms of the divorce settlement. Otherwise, you will be stuck fighting a long-drawn-out battle court and will have to spend your hard-earned money on attorney fees, filing fees, and other court-related expenses.

In an uncontested divorce or dissolution of marriage, both spouses are on the same page about the terms and conditions of ending their union. It allows them to surpass many of the legal complications that accompany a contested divorce. But there are still several hurdles that may prolong even an uncontested divorce. Therefore, you need to figure out ways to simplify the divorce process further, saving both time and money.

A quick and easy way of getting a divorce in Ohio: Online divorce

If you want to apply for an uncontested divorce in Ohio, then going for an internet divorce could be one of the most affordable options. Many online divorce services are ready to assist with your divorce document preparation to make filing for divorce easier, faster, and hassle-free. Also known as Do-it-yourself, or the DIY divorce, because there is no need for an attorney, the process of getting a divorce over the internet is becoming increasingly popular because of its obvious benefits.

  • The appropriate option for an uncontested divorce

If your case is uncontested, online divorce can be relatively cost-effective. The best online divorce website such as will help you prepare your documents and guide you on filing your divorce papers. Online divorce companies are well-versed with the requirements, and therefore, will provide you with accurate paperwork. Even though the divorce forms and filing requirements can be unique, as is the case with Ohio, competent divorce companies can deliver you the exact documents you require and instructions on how to file them.

  • Convenient for those facing time and cash crunch

One of the most significant advantages of undertaking your divorce online is that you can get your paperwork completed from the comfort of home. The convenience is a real benefit, especially for those who work long hours and don’t have the time or financial capacity to go through the conventional legal ringer.

  • Spouses with children and property can also apply

Many have the misconception that if they have children or marital property, then online divorce is not an option. But this is not true. If you and your spouse have children and property, you can apply for a divorce online. The only condition is that it should be an uncontested divorce.

  • Steady assistance throughout the process

The best online divorce website will provide you detailed instructions on how you should proceed with your divorce, making the process hassle-free.

How to get a quick online divorce in Ohio?

Follow the Do-it-yourself guide below, and you will be able to proceed with your online divorce without any hurdles.

1. Find out if you are eligible.

This is the very first step of pursuing a do-it-yourself divorce in Ohio. Make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria set out by the state, which is as follows:

  • You should be a resident of the state of Ohio for a minimum of six months.
  • You should be a legal resident of the county where you are filing for divorce for 90 days.

If you fail to meet the above criteria, your case won’t be considered.

2. Determine the grounds for divorce.

When applying for a divorce in Ohio, you must present a specific reason for filing for divorce. Ohio recognizes both fault-based and no-fault grounds for divorce.

  • A. Fault-based:

Fault-based grounds include cruel or inhumane behavior, imprisonment, adultery, deception, substance abuse, alcohol dependence, and willful desertion for over a year. Since these grounds imply the other spouse’s fault for the marriage’s breakdown, they must be proven in court.

  • B. No-fault divorce:

No-fault reasons for divorce include incompatibility and living separately for over a year. This is the preferred route for couples looking for a faster dissolution of marriage, as there is no need to go through a court trial to present evidence.

Depending upon whether you are filing a fault-based or no-fault divorce, your paperwork may vary.

3. Pick the best online divorce service.

With the help of a top online divorce site, you could easily navigate the divorce process. All you have to do is accurately answer a questionnaire provided by the divorce service. Once you have answered all the questions, the agency will use your information to select and complete the appropriate paperwork for your case. The agency will also guide you on how to file the resulting documents with the court.

4. File an official complaint at the local county court.

The next is to filing the divorce paperwork (including an official complaint) with the local court. After filing the complaint, your divorce process will officially commence.

5. The court will serve your spouse with the divorce papers.

Ohio is different from other states. Unlike other states, where you would have to hire professional services or ask someone else to serve your spouse, the court will serve your spouse in Ohio. The court will notify your spouse about the divorce and list all the reasons you have cited to demand the separation. Your spouse will have time to respond, either agreeing with the divorce or contesting it.

6. Attend the mandatory hearing.

If both you and your spouse agree with the terms of the divorce and there are no unresolved conflicts, this will be the only time you will have to appear in court. In Ohio, both you and your spouse are compulsorily required to attend a pre-trial hearing. Depending upon the county where you are filing your divorce, you may have to submit additional paperwork disclosing your assets, debts, or any other information asked for by the court. Arrive on time for your hearing. After all this effort, you don’t want your case dismissed by the judge, just because you were late.


Hopefully, you will find the above DIY divorce guide helpful. Online divorce is one of the most inexpensive and convenient ways of getting a divorce. Without the proper guidance of one of the top online divorce sites, you can end up facing a lot of legal complications. Therefore, hire only the best online divorce website and complete the divorce process without an attorney.