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If you have a Magento-powered site or plan to migrate to Magento, you will likely need Magento theme developers for website setup, optimization, maintenance, or troubleshooting. This article will help you find the optimal way to employ the right Magento developer while saving time and maximizing outcomes.

List your requirements

Before you initiate the hiring process, you should clearly outline your needs and goals. Identify the scope of your Magento software project, list the required features, and establish budget constraints. Ultimately, you’ll be able to set clear requirements for potential candidates.

Identify the types of Magento developers

Magento development is a comprehensive process that spans a vast range of skills. Depending on your project demands, you may need front-end or back-end developers, customization, maintenance, or a combination of the respective professionals. The better you understand the different expertise areas, the more effectively you will hire talent for your job. 

Choose a cooperation model

There are three basic methods of employing personnel for your software project. Select your model based on your project requirements, budget constraints, and preferences for control and communication.


Outsourcing entails hiring an external company or individual developers to handle certain projects or tasks. Businesses can apply outsourcing for the entire development process or its parts, depending on their needs. 

When outsourcing a project, you grant control and responsibility to a service provider who ultimately delivers the completed task.


  • Cost-efficiency, especially when outsourcing to regions with lower labor costs.
  • Saving resources by delegating development assignments to a third party.


Outstaffing is a model where a company hires remote staff through an external service provider to work on specific projects. Unlike outsourcing, the client retains more control over the development process and directly communicates with the remote team.


  • Comprehensive control over the entire working process;
  • The external provider helps in recruiting and managing the team;
  • Flexibility in team scaling according to the project needs.

In-house development

In-house software development involves recruiting and managing a team of software specialists within the organization. These professionals work directly for the company and are full-time employees working in-house.


  • Full control over the team and the development process;
  • Streamlined communication since the team is physically present.

Find the right professionals

Maintaining an in-house team of software developers is too expensive and restrictive for many businesses. On the other hand, outsourcing and outstaffing help to fill the talent gaps and effectively address the company’s IT challenges. Furthermore, businesses that choose an outstaffing model can combine the advantages of outsourcing and an in-house team. Thus, they get dedicated specialists who work under their complete control for as long as the project lasts.

Where should a company search for the appropriate talent?

You can place your job openings on specialized job boards, utilize social media, or ask for referrals. Otherwise, you can relieve yourself from the hassle of the recruitment process and partner with an IT outstaffing agency. This will save you significant time and resources.

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