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There are many ways to market your business on social media. However, with more than 350 million active users on Twitter, this platform offers a great number of advantages for business owners. To attain a significant online presence and credibility for your business account, it is essential to growing your followers’ number right from the start. Adopting a strong marketing strategy is crucial for your success, so you might consider using paid services to buy Twitter followers or opt for free assistance depending on the budget of your marketing campaign.

The good news is that we know many ways that will help you boost your followers for your Twitter business account with little input. Curious to find out more? Then, read on!

Your Tweet Frequency Matters

Did you know that consistent tweeting on your page can give you more followers? Here’s how:

Tweet Relevance: Twitter content loses its relevance quickly and its lifespan usually doesn’t last longer than thirty minutes. For this reason, you want to update relevant tweets every three to five hours to encourage active participation from users and keep the audience involved. But, while tweeting regularly is essential, you want to refrain from “over-tweeting,” as it can scare off your new supporters.

Timed Tweeting: Tweeting regularly in most cases, may not gain you all the followers you aim for. Thus, you want to time your tweets. Many online influencers recommend the period between 8 pm to 11 pm as millions of users access this platform around this time. But this shouldn’t restrict you from tweeting during the day. Rather, you want to save the catchiest tweets for this recommended time to get utmost engagement. Twitter Insights Tool offers a convenient method to determine the best tweeting time for you.

On the other hand, you also want to consider the most appropriate time of the week that allows active participation from your followers. A business account that offers services for the working class would find more engagement on the weekends rather than the weekdays. With this knowledge, you want to tweet your finest content at a time that would drive active participation from their end. Remember that an actively engaged audience will naturally lead to an increase in your account’s organic reach, which eventually will bring you new followers.

Consistency plays a crucial role if you plan on achieving a higher page engagement for your business account. When you fail to tweet systematically, you are more or less encouraging users to unfollow your page. Instead, you want to stay online regularly and tweet daily.

Always Program and Plan Your Tweets. In most cases, you may find yourself struggling with regular content creation. Scheduling your tweets with a content calendar will help manage your posts for the days, weeks, and even months to come.

Use Trending Hashtags

Drive traffic to your business page with hashtags. How? The thing about using hashtags is that it acts as a duplicator and makes your tweet appear in different places. Your content becomes visible to people who have never interacted with your page before but now got access to it. If they love what you are producing, they might give you a like or retweet, which will make your tweets visible to their own fan base. Now their followers see you and might also like and share your tweets, or even follow your account. The process keeps repeating itself till you notice a significant boost in your organic reach and user engagement.

However, you need to know how to use hashtags correctly to achieve fruitful results. To create one, simply put “#” at the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase. When doing so, the text becomes clickable and connects to all the Tweets that include a given hashtag. It links you with all the content covering the same topic and allows you to access it easily. You can either make a hashtag a part of a sentence or put it aside to begin or end your tweet. Go to the explore tab on Twitter to see what is currently trending and what hashtags are gaining the most popularity among users. You can also find trending hashtags for your business account by scrolling to the bottom of your page where the search icon is located. Then, click on it to see the trending hashtags within your area.

Creating your own branded hashtag also works wonders, as it increases your brand’s reach across social media, builds credibility, and draws traffic to your page. Using hashtags relevant to your business will also help you reach the target audience, but you should be careful and not overuse them. A maximum of two to three hashtags per tweet will do the trick, otherwise, it will make your account look like spam.


Ever read a trending tweet with millions of likes and shares, and saw people writing an IFB acronym at the end of their comment but don’t know what it means? IFB stands for “I Follow Back” and it serves as a Call to Action prompt on Twitter. It means that people looking for more followers contribute to the comment section of a trending tweet and add an IFB note, promising to follow you back if you follow their page. Consider trying this method as it is more or less a win-win situation for both of your accounts.

@Mention influencers name in your tweet

Many influencers may also fall as your target audience, especially when they have interests rooted in the services you render. If you know someone who has a vast list of followers and might be interested in your product, you can simply mention them in your tweet. Twitter will send them a notification and if your content will be relevant enough you might get a like or even a retweet from them. It all boils down to page publicity, and if someone with a massive follower count interacts with your content, you will definitely receive an increase in user engagement on your page and reach a bigger audience. To mention a person in your tweet, simply add @ to their name and see your fan base drastically increase in minutes.

Communicate with Followers Through Comments

While many people may feel tweeting does the job of engaging active involvement, replying to comments also serves as a communication mechanism that boosts follower’s loyalty. But this doesn’t mean you have to reply to all comments you may receive, as the process is quite tasking, especially when your comment section is flooded. Your best bet would be a reply to at least four to five comments on every uploaded tweet. You also want to @mention the followers handle while sending a reply. Research has shown this method to be quite useful in building trust, as followers feel more valued.

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Set-Up a Convincing Twitter Profile

To boost your page engagement, optimizing your Twitter profile is essential. But how do you do this? Write a convincing bio for your business account and ensure to include only relevant information while mentioning your business name.

You also want to add pictures with an attractive business logo to your page. A catchy profile picture serves as the perfect optimization tool to reel in more supporters for your business. Sometimes though business owners fail to understand the difference between their personal account and business page and use a headshot as their profile picture, but this is a wrong way to consider. A logo will directly tell the audience about your business and what to expect from the page. Your profile will look more acknowledged and trustworthy with a well-matched professional logo.

Update and Complete your Twitter Profile

If you’ve ever come across a business account with little to no information on their services, then you understand the feeling of not wanting to fall into the wrong hands. Neglecting your Twitter profile will make your account look less formal and attractive, which will also lead to lesser views. To avoid this, you need to fill in and update information on your services and all the details a potential customer would want to receive. A completed profile should include information on:

· Business name

· Location

· Bio

· Website

A setup like this will give your business account an organized, authentic, and formal look, thus drawing more followers to your page. With this data, your audience will see you as a reliable specialist and are more likely to reach out to you and use your product.

Keep Viewers Motivated

Most times, people want something to push them and keep them going for the rainy days. Tweeting inspirational content may be the strategy you need to catch viewers’ attention. However, a process like this would demand a specific timing. Putting out inspirational quotes at a particular time or weekday might just increase the chances for more views and retweets. If you’re considering this method, an ideal time may be on a Monday morning, as people usually need positive motivation for the coming week.

Encourage Users to Like and Retweet Your Tweet

Most times users may not like and retweet your content after viewing it, even if they find it interesting and engaging. Why? The amount of information people perceive on social media might be overwhelming, so you need to make a clear call to action in your posts. Just ask your followers directly for a like and share if they enjoy your services, and remind them that their interaction will significantly help you grow as a starter.

Use Visual Contents

Visual graphics and videos are always a highly efficient method to gain active followers for your business account. For instance, a brand that sells footwear is unlikely to gain active fans when they rely on communicating with their audience exclusively via texts. Video clips and images are easy to perceive and interesting to interact with and will give your audience broader information on what you offer. While uploading a video, you want to keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be about your own business. An interesting and informative video related to your niche would work great as well.

Try the Live Feeds

Did you know that going live on Twitter can potentially increase your organic reach? Live feed is a strategy that every business owner might want to practice, as it helps your audience to get to know you and discuss relevant topics with you. Moreover, it pushes the audience to actively participate in online discussions and builds trust through direct communication.

However, as a business with a small number of active followers, going live might not work out successfully at first. Hence, you may require the help of notable Twitter influencers for this strategy to succeed. Try to cooperate with public figures when going live or broadcast an interview session with them. This strategy can bring very fruitful results and significantly increase your page engagement, as it attracts an influencer’s audience to your product and builds trust around your service because famous people are cooperating with you.

Here are the simple steps to follow if you’re considering a live broadcast:

· Tap the camera icon

· Click on a “live” tag at the bottom

· Then select the “go live” icon to begin your live broadcast.

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Twitter Ads Works Wonders

Like pop-up Google ads that easily put your business right in front of the audience, Twitter ads are perhaps one of the most effective strategies that work the same way. Using it will help you easily gain more followers even without expert assistance. Try following these easy steps to adjust your Twitter ads:

· Sign in to your Twitter business page

· Go to Twitter Ads.

· Click on the “create a new campaign” option

· Click on followers

· Input campaign name

· Select preferred time for the campaign to start

· Choose your target audience

· Select a budget fitting for you

· Choose the tweet you intend to promote

With these easy do-it-yourself techniques, boosting the number of your Twitter followers from zero on your business page becomes more achievable and straightforward than ever. Adopt these steps to your marketing strategy and set yourself for long-term success.

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