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We all know that exciting feeling when you finally receive your hot tub. You can’t wait to get started and fill it up with water, get in, and start to relax. Whilst your hot tub may become your own little peaceful sanctuary, and rightfully so, it’s important to remember that you must put in the effort to keep it maintained and in the best possible condition. It may seem tedious, but maintaining a hot tub is not as difficult as it sounds, and most importantly does not require a lot of your time. If you want some tips on how to maintain your hot tub but have no clue where to begin, keep reading.

Sanitise Surfaces

We cannot stress enough how your hot tub needs to be kept clean. Think of all of the things that are left behind by each person who has a soak; it will leave your hot tub full of sweat, residue, and other bacteria. If untreated, this could even lead to cloudy water or foam in your hot tub, and possibly an infection if left much longer.

One of the common reasons for having foam in your hot tub is beauty products and other detergents contaminating the water. This can be easily avoided by taking a shower before you enter the hot tub as this would remove all cosmetics, moisturizers, and any other products that could interfere with your hot tub.

Testing Strips

We recommend getting a hold of testing strips and always having some spare, as they tell you what the chemical, bacterial, and mineral levels in your hot tub are. You should be monitoring these often, up to twice a week sometimes. There’s a large range of testing strips to choose from, and many provide different readings. There are some that can detect, chlorine, pH, calcium, and total hardness. These strips work wonders as they can give you results in under a minute, so you know what action you need to take.

Clean the Filters

Another essential which is often neglected by many is keeping your filters clean, this can be done on a monthly basis. If the filter is dirty, it won’t be able to do its job of collecting and cleaning bacteria and other waste. Dirty filters can also restrict the temperature of your hot tub and even its pressure.

It’s one of the easiest things to forget, which is why it’s so common to happen. To save your worries, check out reputable companies like Oasis Leisure that sell a range of hot tubs that self-clean, meaning you don’t have to worry about the constant cleaning and upkeep. Their technology cleans 100% of the water in just 15 minutes.

Keeping your hot tub in pristine condition isn’t too much hard work or effort, and if you want your hot tub to stay sparkling and clean all year round, then be sure to follow the tips above. As long as you understand the basics of what it takes to maintain your hot tub and set aside a few minutes a week for inspection, you’re all set.