Billions of people around the world live and breathe for sports, whether its football, horse racing, basketball or tennis, people go crazy for the big events that take place across the globe each and every year. As a die-hard fan you will most likely have these dates marked in your calendar, but if not, then here is a little guide to remind you of the biggest and most unmissable sporting events that you simply cannot forget about.

Horse Racing – The Grand National

When it comes to spectator sports, horse racing is truly unmatched and therefore the Grand National is unmissable. The world-famous event is held in Aintree, Liverpool each year and handicap steeplechase of 4 miles and 514 yards, as well as having 30 fences that the horses must clear of the total two laps.

The racing event is the richest in Europe, with a purse of £1,000,000 and not only offering the opportunity for the competitors to make money from the event, but it wouldn’t be a horse racing event if there wasn’t heavy betting activity both in-person and online, with a review of Betfair showing how easy it can be to place a bet in seconds on your smartphone.

Tennis – Wimbledon

Both history and legends have been made on the Wimbledon court and so it has become the most iconic tennis tournaments in the world. The beautiful courts are kept pristine and the people flush in to spectate, from celebrities to the royal family.

Wimbledon is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, with the 2016 tournaments being viewed by 1 billion people from all over the world, this was the biggest number of people watching in the history of the event. The popularity of the event means that it generates a large amount of money, an average of around £150 million.

NFL – The Superbowl

The Superbowl is certainly the most important event in the NFL calendar, but for many people around the world, it is the most important period. The Superbowl is the final game of the NFL season and sees the last two teams battle it out for victory, in which is watched by an average of 111.3 million people around the world for the game itself, the festivities, one of a kind adverts and the amazing half-time show.

Football – The UEFA Champions League

Football is without a doubt the most beloved sport throughout the world and England is no exception. We love a good game of footy and nothing brings out the fans like the UEFA Champions League in which fans get to watch the best of the best pit against each other.

The tournament stretches over a 9 month period in which over 400 million people tune in to get in on the action. Due to the event’s mass popularity, it is able to charge an unthinkable amount for broadcasting rights and as of last year, the event made $1,85 billion on the rights alone, $110 million of which went to the winners – Real Madrid.