How to Throw a Killer Party

How to Throw a Killer Party
How to Throw a Killer Party

Many people believe that throwing a fantastic party is an art form that only a few can master. That’s why they often envy that one friend who knows how to plan a killer party. Deep down, we all wish we had the “party-planning gene.”

While it’s true that throwing an awesome party takes skill and know-how, it’s not exclusive to a select few. The party-planning gene doesn’t exist. Anyone can learn what it takes to create THE PARTY OF THE YEAR. It all boils down to a few fundamentals.

Here are the killer party fundamentals:

1. The vibe: There are different kinds of parties: Parties with balloons and streamers, parties with beer and shots, and then there are parties with cocktail and shrimp. All great parties have themes – a particular vibe that the planner is going for.

The vibe is the most crucial part of planning a party, and it often determines everything else. Food, decoration, and even entertainment at the party should all flow from the theme.

2. The basics: Snacks, drinks, venue, and music are basics to any party, and a party isn’t a party without them. Although snacks and beverages won’t transform a dull party to a great one, they are very effective in getting the party started.

3. The pro basics: In restaurants, the difference between good and great service is the attention to details – the finesse and class of the decor, how well the food is served, the quality of music playing. The same applies to great parties. What often separates good and a great isn’t the presence of the essentials per se. It’s their quality.

If you want to throw a killer event, skip the cheap beers, online mixtapes, and generic snacks. Go instead for the top shelf, premium consumables. Check out for a wide variety of delicious, quality snacks. Also, hire a DJ that can flow with the crowd.

4. The guest list: Everyone can testify that the best parties are the most exclusive. As obvious as it may seem, the best way to make your party the talk of the town is to keep the guest list short. However, it’s not just about inviting a few people. It’s also about inviting the right people. This is because, to be honest, the only thing worse than a party that no one talks about, is a party that the wrong people talk about. Keep the guest list short and simple. Fill it with only the people that fit the vibe of the party.

5. Entertainment: As a savvy party planner, you can’t just expect your guests to entertain themselves. Standing around and talking all night sounds more like a conference than a party. Instead, anticipate your guests’ needs and prepare some entertainment. Depending on the kind of party you’re throwing, entertainment could range from a deck of playing cards to celebrity performances. It all depends on the vibe of the party.