Having your iPhone disabled due to entering the wrong password multiple times is a very common problem. Most users panic as soon as their device pops up the iPhone disabled messages and think about how to unlock their iPhone.

Others end up searching online and come across websites that offer a variety of solutions. If you have also experienced a situation where your device got stuck at iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes message, then you are at the right place. This document will help you in enhancing your knowledge and learning more about how to unlock the iPhone.

The Most Common Fix: Connecting to iTunes

The most common fix for dealing with an iPhone disabled is connecting it with iTunes. The iTunes platform can be used to help in the restoration of the device in two ways:

1. By Helping Users Restore The Data From iTunes Back Up

If users choose to restore their phones through iTunes, they will have to sign in to their iTunes iPhone management accounts and provide their details. Once the device has been verified, users can ask the platform to restore backed up data.

This method will erase all memories of the iPhone and restore the data saved with iTunes before the wrong passcode got iPhone disabled. Though this method is effective, it makes users lose any data left unsaved in the backup.

2. By Entering The Screen Recovery Mode

The second method is by force restarting the screen and entering the screen recovery mode with the help of a device. Users can then erase and reinstall iOS on their devices. Apart from any unsaved changes, all other data if you backed it up with iTunes would get restored in this case too. However, you will have to restore the data by signing in to the iTunes backup account.

Both of these methods work well with devices that are recognized by the iTunes platform. However, there are instances where the iTunes platform refuses to recognize a device. In such cases, it can become quite the hassle for users to get their device reset.

What Causes are The iTunes Not Recognizing A Device Error?

You might be wondering what causes this error. Well, it could be anything from a software glitch to your device’s visibility settings. It can also be due to the fact that every computer has its own settings folder and sometimes, the device isn’t showing up in the folder we are searching inside. It’s showing up in some other folder.

Whatever the reason for this problem, you can always get your device restarted and fixed without having to employ the iTunes method. Read on and find out other methods of restarting your disabled iPhone which does not require iTunes connectivity.

Reset A Disabled iPhone without iTunes

iPhone devices that do not get recognized by the iTunes platform can use any of the following three methods to help them restore their iPhone disabled. These include:

  1. Using a Cloud backup.
  2. Using software.
  3. Getting help from Apple support.

Let us explore each of these methods in detail. This will help the disgruntled iPhone users who got the iPhone disabled cannot think of ways to get it unlocked without using iTunes.

1. Using A Cloud Backup

If you have ever created a backup for your iPhone using a cloud service such as iCloud, then follow these steps:

  1. Log into the iCloud account.
  2. Go to the ‘Find my iPhone’ tab.
  3. Find the option ‘Erase’ and click on it.
  4. This will help in erasing all previous data in your iPhone’s memory including the lock and passwords.
  5. However, a warning will be generated. You have to click ‘Ok’ to the warning being issued.
  6. Once accepted, all your data will be wiped off of your iPhone.
  7. You can now set your iPhone again for using it.
  8. It is as good as new.

2. Using Software

Another method is to use a reliable iOS unlock software such as Dr.Fone – iOS Unlock. This software helps iPhone users gain access back to their device within seconds. Whether their screens are stuck on iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes message or they forgot iPhone passcode, Dr. Fone – iOS unlock can help them recover passwords without any difficulty.

The good news is that this software can be used to recover all sorts of iPhone passwords including the iPhone screen password and Apple ID password or both. Moreover, this software can deal with all kinds of iPhone locks including 4 digit or 6 digit passcodes, facial locks, and touch locks.

Dr. Fone – iOS Unlock comes at a very reasonable price and does not require huge storage space. It can easily be downloaded and installed for both Windows and Mac users. therefore, it is highly advised that iPhone users who get locked out of their devices frequently download and install this software.

3. Get Apple Support

Since there are no possibilities of rescuing an iPhone disabled due to password loss other than the ones mentioned above, if nothing works for you consider getting in touch with Apple support. Alternatively, you can simply buy yourself a new iPhone and this time save the password or write it down somewhere so that you don’t forget.

The Best Option

In our opinion, the best option for restoring your device’s functionality would be using iOS unlocking software such as  Dr.Fone – iOS Unlock. Since software peeps know the technicalities of handling a situation like this, you can relax and easily install it on your device. Let the software do its job and within seconds you will get access to your device back.


Most of the iPhone users experience iPhone disabled problem at least once in their lifetime. The first instinct is always to try out solutions manually. Everybody tries to Google search and apply the listed solutions. However, sometimes none of the solutions work and you don’t have the time to get in touch with Apple support.

For such instances, the best course of action is always to have a Plan ‘B’ prepared which, in this case, would be the purchase of Dr. Fone – iOS unlocking software.