Instagram has been improving its messenger a lot since it had been launched. Direct is now conveniently integrated with FB messenger but is it enough for business goals? If you use a more advanced Instagram DM online for managing clients, you can get better results. They can be achieved thanks to saved time due to automated replies and bulk messages.

Several third-party desktop messengers for Instagram offer smart auto-responses that users can customize. Such software and services are must-have for entrepreneurs that aim to generate leads and operate orders via Instagram. Moreover, it often happens that customers ask similar questions one by one so that a sophisticated messenger can assist you a lot.

In this article, you’ll learn how a DM on IG can help you build trust with your clientele and establish lucrative connections with bloggers. Let’s dive right in.

How to get more clients via Instagram DM online

If your goal is to sell more products/ services via Instagram, you need to fine-tune ads. For this objective, choose an ad type with an action button leading right to the DM ( read more on this option on the FB Help center).

Note: But if your product is new to the market, don’t hurry up with sliding into DM. Direct your leads to your page or website. You can target an ad that clicks to DM for users who already visited your account.

Now let’s move to the point – how does your business benefit from messaging?

1. Direct messages establish private connections

It’s a good idea to set up a welcome message to greet every new follower with a private message. This kind of message has a high open-rate because a new follower is already an interested and hot lead.

Moreover, a welcome message is a good way to notify of the ongoing sales and special offers for new followers (promo codes, vouchers for purchases on a website, etc.).

The main thing you should remember – the first message to a follower can not be salesy. Try to make it more informative and polite.

2. Win customer loyalty with effective DMs

The speed of answering clients’ requests in DM is crucial. If it takes too long for you to reply, your customer may choose your rivals. Don’t let them keep searching among similar profiles – set up reactive automated replies.

Also, you can save shortcuts or quick prefabricated answers for common questions. Many people ask about pricing, delivery policies. So why not keep the universal reply for all interested people to save your time?

What is more, you can organize 24/7 customer support in Direct messenger. All these measures will help you boost the loyalty of your community and build brand trust.

3. Connect with your partners in DM

Instagram is a platform you can use not only to find clients but to research influencers and brands for collaborations. Many influencers don’t reply to emails and have hundreds of requests in Direct.

Nevertheless, you get more chances to get noticed in the Instagram messenger. Moreover, it’s handy to organize group chats with your partners. Some advanced desktop messengers allow users to group dialogs and filter conversations by so-called labels. So, if you have hundreds of chats and want to keep order, take a look at third-party desktop messengers for IG.

4. Use sales-boosting DMs

Entrepreneurs and influencers can use their Direct to literally grow sales or improve the engegement of your content.

Sometimes valuable posts, giveaways, and sales may be overlooked among tonnes of Instagram content. Your task is to make special offers more noticeable with private messages.

In this case, you can benefit from bulk DMs that may be easily managed and customized on sided DM services. The main rule here is safety – there’s a limited number of messages you can send daily. At the same time, you can diversify texts with the Spintax feature so Instagram won’t recognize your behavior as suspicious.

5. Curate relationships with clients and thank them in DM

Private messenger is the right place to say “thank you” to your loyal customers. Your strategy doesn’t end as soon as they buy from you. Try to ask for feedback in DM and be thanking the most active users.

If someone is active with your content, reach them out in Direct and show respect for your brand. Remember that people need attention after they tried your goods and services. This attitude will help to improve your product.

What should you do before influencer outreach in Direct?

We slightly mentioned the importance of influencer marketing these days. There’re many ways to discover a trusted blogger in your niche. There’re paid platforms like Influencer marketing hub. Otherwise, you can use free tools for user search on Instagram.

Here are several recommendations for influencer marketing before pitching:

  • Take your time for research

This stage is crucial since it affects the success of the pitching and overall campaign. Make sure that the audience of this influencer correlates to the ideal customer of your company.

Every single detail matters here. The aesthetic of their profile, captions, and life motto you may find in the bio description. After you’ve found a group of bloggers, don’t hurry with negotiating. Follow and monitor their daily activity and even read the comments on under posts.

  • Be attentive to the activity numbers

It sometimes happens that a blogger has many followers, but the tribe is not active. That’s why you should keep an eye not only on social demos but on these data:

  1. the engagement rate;
  2. the activity rate;
  3. the authenticity of comments.
  • Figure out a satisfactory payment

Decide how much you are willing to pay for influencer collaboration and what payoff you expect to get. The cost of a blogger promotion shouldn’t be higher than your estimated revenue. Alternatively, you may focus on micro-influencers who don’t charge a lot but have a proper concentration of your target clients.

As soon as you’ve discovered candidates and calculated the compensation, slide to their DM. Additionally, you may duplicate your offer in the email mentioned in the bio section.