Dress shirts – Overhemden, are an important clothing article when we talk about men’s formal-wear collection. The formal dress shirts consist of a collar followed by a front opening. This front opening is then closed with the help of buttons stitched on to it.

Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

Dress shirts come in different colors, sizes, styles, and varieties. Although initially they were worn just by men, currently dress shirts are worn by women also. Dress shirts are usually paired with coats and pants. There are multiple ways to wear a dress shirt and different looks which can be sported while donning them according to the occasion mentioned below.

Dressing Up for a Formal Occasion:

If you are dressing up for a formal occasion like a job interview, professional networking meetups, corporate dinners, annual dinner, or a high profile wedding, then go for solid-colored dress shirts. Solid colored dress shirts exhibit class.

While dressing up for a formal event, you may want to pair your dress shirt with a tie and jacket. The colors of the tie, jacket and dress pants should go along with the color of your dress shirt. The most common colored dress shirt worn at formal events is a white dress shirt paired with a black tie, jacket, and dress pants. Often times, white dress shirts are paired with darker shades of blue too which give a very decent and classy vibe out to the people around.

There are a few tips and tricks you can make use of while donning your attire for the evening. When dressing up for a formal event, remember to tuck your dress shirt in, especially if it has lengthier hems on both, the front and the back sides regardless of the fact that the hems are even or uneven. If your dress shirt’s hems are not so lengthy or are even, then you will need to tuck it in and secure it with a tight belt so that your shirt’s hems do not let loose out of your dress pants.

Other than that, you can keep the top-most button open if you are wearing a tie and seal your cuffs with a pair of classy cuff links. You may also opt for simply buttoned cuffs depending on your choice. The tie you choose to wear could either be a bow tie, ascot tie, traditional or skinny tie. The tie knots you may choose include Windsor knots, half Windsor knots, four knots, etc. All of these will add up to your look for evening and highly compliment the dress shirt you choose to wear beneath the coat/jacket.

Dressing Up For Semi-Formal/Business Casual Occasions

If you are dressing yourself up for a semi-formal occasion which does not really require you to follow a dress code religiously and has a bit of relaxed casual air to it, then you may choose your dress shirts’ from any of the three solid colors, checkered patterned, shirts or striped shirts. However, in this event setting, you will have to pair it with a pair of coat/jacket and dress pants whose colors should blend well with the shirt you decide to wear. The dress shirt will have to be tucked in this event setting well and a belt will be needed to be worn if hems remain even and not so lengthy. Though, ideally, if your hems are even, you must choose lengthier dress shirts to avoid them from letting loose.

In the case of striped shirts choose shirts with thinner stripes. You may as well skip wearing a coat or jacket in striped shirts case. However, roll up your sleeves a little bit to sport a formal yet relaxed look.

Wearing a tie in this event set may not be so important. You may choose to wear it or not to. However, if you choose not to wear a tie then it is recommended that you seal the top button of your shirt too to give out a classy look while keeping your sleeves nearest to your hand’s cuff and not rolling them too much up.

Remember, when you are told that you may roll your sleeves up, it does not mean that your elbows must start showing. Since the event you are dressing yourself up is semi-formal or business casual, it still has a touch of formality to it but in a relaxed way. So roll up your sleeves to reveal only 1/4th of your forearm or may halfway up your arm. Not upper than that.

With this simple guide on how to wear a dress shirt, you are sure to rock any event that you go to!