With the advancement of technology, homes aren’t what they used to be. You may remember a time when people had to manually do everything in a home – from turning on and off lights to starting the coffee maker to adjusting their thermostat themselves.

Today, with smart home technology, homeowners can automate so many things around the home. As such, they get to live a more convenient, energy-efficient, and comfortable lifestyle.

How Do Smart Homes Work?

You probably remember a time when you were at work or out and about in the community and thought for sure you left the coffee pot on. Or maybe you left the heat at 78, thinking you’d turn it down before you left. Or, you wonder if you left the garage door open. With smart home devices and your trusted mobile phone or tablet, you can sync up various things in your home and control them remotely. It truly is a remarkable technology.

Here are some smart home devices that are fairly popular:

Smart Home Lighting

You use your lights every day, so smart home lighting makes great sense. Many people start their smart home journeys by syncing up their lights with their smartphones. If you have a lot of ceiling lights in the home, you may want to switch the original light switches with smart switches with dimmers. This way, you can use your smartphone to control them.

If you’ve got a lot of lamps, you may want to use a smart plug that will allow you to control the lamp situation with your smartphone.

Smart lighting is helpful in various ways. Leave a light on by accident? You can turn it off remotely. Want to turn the lights on before you enter the home? You can do that too.

Smart Speakers

A smart speaker is a speaker that hears your voice and goes to work doing what you tell it to do – within reason, of course. Synced up to your WIFI, you can tell it to do things like, “play Pandora,” “check the weather,” “set a timer,” “add butter to my grocery list,” and more. Being able to use smart home products like Amazon Alexa or Google Home allow you to do all sorts of things remotely in your home.

Smart Thermostat

It’s likely you use your thermostat regularly, turning it up or down depending on the time of day or the weather. A smart thermostat allows you to sync up with your smartphone and adjust it remotely. Smart thermostats are programmable, which is really nice. You set it up how you want and let it work its magic.

However, it’s nice to be able to use your smartphone to adjust it while you’re out and about. The temperature may drop really fast, and you want to arrive at a warm home. Or, another great feature is that you can check to see what your thermostat is set at while you’re away. This is nice if you have kids that tend to like it at 88 degrees, but you’re trying to keep the power bill down.

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Security Cameras

No doubt it’s nice having home security cameras to protect your home. When you install a smart security camera, you can see what’s going on while you’re away. Keep an eye on your front and back porch, driveway, pool area, and so on. You can also set up an indoor camera to keep an eye on your children or pets. If you do this, it’s recommended to tell your children they’re being filmed ahead of time. This may save your family some disputes later.

Why Should You Use Smart Devices?

Save Electricity – Beyond convenience and comfort, many people use smart devices to try to save on electricity, which can save money. The smart thermostat may have the most potential for savings because it’s programmable. Smart lighting can also save some money, especially if your lights are turning off when they sense no one is in the room. Some of your electronic devices may power down as well when not in use.

Increased Security – When you can sync up your cameras, lights, and doorbell, you’ll be and feel safer. Potential intruders that see a light come on when they approach are not apt to stick around. And, if you’re videotaping the front porch, you’ll always be able to see who is approaching.

It’s Fun – Having a smart home delights most people. It’s fun to get your hands-on new technology that makes life easier and/or more fun. It’s almost like you have a functional robot at your fingertips! You may or may not remember the days The Jetson’s cartoon was on television. It was full of smart home-like devices, which many who enjoyed the show never thought they’d see a day when smart homes would become a reality.

Are you Ready to Smart-Up Your Home?

It might seem as if some of these smart devices are complicated, but they’re not too bad. There are plenty of YouTube videos and articles to help you figure out what smart devices you desire and install them. And, if you can’t do it, you may know someone tech-savvy that can help you out. Once you get the general idea of what smart home technology is all about, installing and syncing them up isn’t usually challenging.

There are other devices that you can put on your smart network, too – pretty much anything that uses electricity. Feel free to do your research before choosing a particular smart device. You can also ask your family and friends that are smart-savvy what they’re using. Of course, some brands are just going to be more reputable than others.

Think of “smarting” your home as a journey. You don’t have to do it all at one time, but rather, you can bring in smart objects over time. And, remember to enjoy your smart home!

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