We’ve all seen or heard about a player striking it lucky at an online casino; it usually goes a little something like this: “Brandon F, won $261,000 off Charms and Clovers at Las Atlantis” or “Lucky player cashes out $134,000 on Spirit of the Inca at El Royale Casino ”. More often than not, the player won an impressive jackpot playing a video slot, which is why coin machines are the most popular games found in online and land-based casinos. Video slots offer exceptional entertainment-value, they’re easy to play, and players stand a chance to win large sums when a specific combination of symbols appear on the reels.

The question remains, is there a particular way to win an online slot jackpot? What strategy did the player incorporate into their gameplay to unlock the jackpot prize, and most importantly, can you do the same to win big?

The simple answer is that slots are entirely luck-based games instead of skill-based games such as Blackjack or Poker. Each game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) that makes each spin entirely random, giving all players the same odds of winning. There are certainly ways to manipulate the odds of winning on slots though, all you need to do is follow a basic strategy and be aware of the tips and tricks that successful players use every time they play at an online casino. We’ll look at the details that go into winning below.

Types of Jackpots

As you may have guessed, there are different types of jackpots, and each particular game has a paytable that allows players to view what they stand to win. It’s essential to consult the paytable if you’re playing to strike the jackpot with your particular bankroll.

Firstly you’ll want to know if the jackpot is likely to pay out or not. How can you figure this out? The easiest way to determine if a slot pays out frequently or not is by checking its volatility. Volatility refers to the game’s unpredictability – can you expect predictable wins or not?

Low volatility = more small payouts, more frequently

If you look at the low volatility game’s paytable, you’ll see loads of small prizes with a small jackpot and no bonus features. When you play these types of slots, you’re likely to win small prizes more often.

High volatility = fewer big payouts, less often

Alternatively, you’ll spot a massive jackpot; it indicates that the game is high volatility. When you play these slots, you’re going to spin for quite some time before you win anything. But when you do win, the payout will be a lot bigger.

A prime example of a video slot with high volatility is a progressive jackpot slot. Progressive jackpot slots boast enormous jackpots, sometimes over $1 million. The jackpot grows with every spin made across a network linked to numerous online casinos, with every player contributing to the progressive jackpot. The chances of winning the jackpot are slim as it would lead to the casinos’ financial ruin if they have to pay out vast sums regularly.

Next up, you’ll need to consult the internet to identify the slot’s Return to Player (RTP), some video slots actively advertise their RTP, but they’re few and far between. The RTP signifies the percentage you’re looking at getting back. For example, a slot game states that its RTP is 97% – this percentage indicates that you’ll make $97 off every $100 you spend. You’ll find that the RTP floats between the low 90s and high 90s; the higher the number, the better the odds of making more money from your gambling.

How to Trigger the Jackpot

Now, this is the part you’ve probably been waiting for since you read the title. But before we carry on, did you read the part about RTP and volatility? If not, scroll up.

Now that you’ve picked a game that strikes your fancy based on its RTP and Volatility, you’re rearing to go. But how do you trigger the jackpot?

  • Max Bet – It’s best to consult the game’s paytable and rules once again; here, you’ll find out if you need to spin with a Max Bet for a jackpot to be claimable or not. Some games won’t award jackpots unless you engage the function by placing a maximum bet on a spin. It’s as simple as stating the more you bet on each round, the more likely you are of winning bigger jackpots.
  • All Paylines – In the rules, you’ll also find out whether the game requires you to play all paylines or not. If it does, you could look at it as a compromise between fewer paylines and Max Bet. We’d recommend that you play all paylines at all times as it increases your chances of winning. If your budget doesn’t allow it, consider decreasing your coin size and then playing all paylines.
  • Bankroll – There’s no point in spinning Max Bets and all of the paylines if you can’t afford it. Always gamble with an amount you’re willing to lose; this prevents you from losing any money you can’t afford. The rule of thumb is to split your budget, also known as a bankroll, into 100 and only use a single percentage per spin. You may be asking, can you win a jackpot with $20? Well, it depends on the game and whether a Max Bet is reachable if you split your bankroll into a hundred. If you find a slot game with a Max Bet of $2, it’s certainly possible to win the jackpot.

Can You Claim a Jackpot Using a Bonus?

The short answer, and probably not the answer you were hoping for is, it depends. It depends on what? Your budget. Most, if not all, bonuses have playthrough requirements attached to any winnings generated from the bonus money.

For example, you spin Max Bets using a bonus that you claimed when you made a deposit. You play a couple of rounds, and all of a sudden, you win the jackpot. Great, now you can cash out and spend the money on something you like. Wrong; if you want to withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to wager the bonus amount over 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 60 times.

If your budget allows for you to wager that amount, then you’ll be able to claim your winnings, but for most folks, it’s simply not worth it.

Other Common Guidelines

It’s always best practice to consult online real money slots reviews to verify the legitimacy of your online casino. You certainly don’t want to win a jackpot only for the online casino to deny your withdrawal or close your account as they’re unwilling to pay.

Even if you’re playing at a legit online casino, they may refuse to process your withdrawal if you didn’t verify your account before the big win or if the game malfunctioned. It’s a good idea to verify your account correctly before engaging in any gameplay and always reading the terms and conditions.

Another surefire way to receive your payouts quickly is to have a history of withdrawals, streamlining the vetting process.

Online slots are straightforward to play, offer endless hours of entertainment, and also feature attractive jackpots. But, online slots are entirely random, making it a lot more difficult to win when comparing it to popular table games such as Blackjack or Poker, where your skill has a deciding factor. However, there are several means to improve your odds of winning. If you’re willing to do your research, plan, and stick to a bankroll, you’re sure to strike it lucky and turn a profit at the end of your gameplay. Remember that RTP, Volatility, and your bankroll all play an essential part in your success.

About the Author – Hein Sondag

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